Friday, September 6, 2013

This 'n that

Five for Friday: This, this, this.

1. This game
I downloaded "Dots" earlier in the week, and it's safe to say it's quickly becoming a fave. It's so easy & mind-numbing for moments when I just have a few minutes to kill. I don't even think I've played Candy Crush one time this week... that's saying a lot! #firstworldproblems

2. This card
Got this card in the mail from my favorite uncle with a sweet note inside saying "there's no place like home!" - truer words never spoken. I feel more and more like this house is home with every day that passes.

3.  This picture
I Instagram'd this yesterday, but I'm still loving it. A great memory (or non-memory...) of tailgating with some of my favorite people several years ago (2007, yikes!). This was the annual Orange Effect game, and also the weekend that my sorority grand-big / dear friend got engaged! I got to play a role in the engagement set-up, and it was such a fun weekend. I miss college!

4. This method
I bought approximately 734 lbs of meat "club pack"-style from Wegmans on Sunday, and C and I spent a little while dividing it all up into freezer bags to store. It is dirt-cheap to buy meat (ground beef, ground turkey, Italian sausage...) in bulk, and all it takes is a little effort to split it into the right sizes of portions (usually 1 lb / baggie so we can make dinner + leftovers). Highly recommend this budget-saver!

5. This wall art

I ordered canvas prints of several Instagram pictures from CanvasPop to use in our master bathroom, and I am in LOVE with how they turned out. Two pics from OBX and two from the lake house - I think they are perfect with the gray walls and the sunlight that comes in. I am so pleased with how they turned out & the quality of the canvases - will definitely order from CanvasPop again! (No compensation here, just love the products!)

BONUS #6. This post

The Blogtember prompt for today is to write about a time when you were afraid... well, let's see, based off of the list in this post, I'd say... ohhh.... my entire childhood. It's fine. #fraidycat


Lisa said...

Love the wall canvas. They look professional. And have you considered a vacuum sealer? They work pretty well, and the food lasts longer than with normal Ziploc bags.

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

We are Costco members too but those huge mega packs of meat are so intimidating! I'll have to give it a shot and portion them out like that.