Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A first time for everything

It's an exciting day around these here blog-parts: a blogging first for me! Today, I'm guest posting over at Stephanie's blog, Never the Same Spice Twice! (NTSST is the co-home of C's favorite link-up, The Boys Behind the Blog.) Stephanie is a new mama to a beautiful baby girl named Ella, and keeps managing to inspire me with weekly meal plans and new recipes nonetheless. While she is snuggling her sweet ladybug today, I'm sharing a brand new recipe - so click over and check it out!


We had a three-day weekend (thanks, Mr. Columbus, for "discovering America," and yay for government holidays even in a shutdown...), and having the day off yesterday was delightful. We slept in, had lunch with C's friend, and  I got a pedicure. Plus, I had a blog-date (blate!) with my new blog-friend, Stephanie! We met up at a local coffee shop called Hyperion Espresso, and spent the afternoon sitting in the sunshine enjoying pumpkin spice coffee and lots of chatting. Stephanie and I seem to have a lot in common (right down to almost-matching phone numbers!), and we managed to kill several hours talking about anything and everything. After not having seen the sun for almost a week, it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I loved being able to be outside enjoying a nice October day!
I got home just in time to remember that is was Monday (not Sunday), and made it over to the gym for the newest BodyPump launch! For you non-Les Mills people, a "launch" is when they release the new choreography (every 10 weeks or so), and it's kind of like a party - decorations, prizes, and lots of fun! I was excited to see what the new moves were for my favorite class. This version is definitely a booty-burner - the squat and lunge tracks are no joke!
C & I wrapped up the day by watching the Caps win (what a game!) and catching up on the Walking Dead. Couldn't have planned a better day off if I tried! Now, it's already Tuesday, and that is the best way to start a week. Who's with me?


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

YAY for Blates!!! (<-- That sounds super awkward, and I love it). I had so much fun on our coffee date and we should definitely do it again soon! And then go to Carl's afterwards for some ice cream like true Fredericksburgians/Frednecks.

blm said...

I definitely miss downtown this time of year!