Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coffee Talk #1

My mind is going a mile a minute right now. So many random thoughts that I'm not entirely sure how to reign in to create a logical post... so I'm not going to try.

Several of my favorite bloggers (including Gina and Casey) have done posts recently where they set the scene as "If we were having coffee (or wine), what would we talk about?" and I really like that. It's so real and honest - it's a "here's what in my head," "let's just talk" forum, without being a structured "I'm a blogger!!!" post. Sometimes simple is best!

So let's see. If we were having coffee (or wine, let's be honest), what would I tell you?

  • The weather is terrible today. I've been working from home, and therefore not exposed to the rain we've been having, which is great. Today is the worst day this week - raining buckets, wind, just all-around nasty out. Perfect day for staying home, right? Sadly, that is not the case. Today, I had to go to the office. The commute was horrendous, which subsequently puts me in a horrible mood. Great for team work! Not.
  • On Tuesday night, I used leftovers to create Cheeseburger Quesadillas. They were delicious, and I was really proud of the final result. I think the idea came to me from several other food blogs, but I'm not entirely sure which ones - I just know it was a great idea, and a very successful dinner.
  • American Horror Story: Coven started last night. Anyone else watch it?? I totally love and hate this show. We've watched both of the previous seasons, and it thrills and terrifies me every time. I torture myself every week. This season looks in-tense already!
  • I took CX Works (a core-intensive class) and BodyCombat (kickboxing on steroids) back-to-back on Tuesday, and I paid for all day yesterday. Every muscle in my body hurts... but in a good way. I think.
  • We are starting to think about what should be the first big house project that we take on. After painting the basement, I want to paint everything. But I also want to rip out the carpets on the main floor and put down hardwood (or laminate... not sure...) and that seems like something we should do first.
  • Smaller house projects: we currently have a broken toilet in the master bathroom and a dryer making horrible sounds. Seems like those two things should come before the big projects. Sigh. Joys of home-owning! 
  • Have you heard of Lorde and her song "Royals" yet? I just came across her last weekend, and I'm trying to decide if I like the song or not. I think I do. I started a Pandora station based off her, and I'm kind of enjoying the mix I've heard so far. Her subject matter is pop-y, but her sound is different. 
So what's new with you? Pull up a chair and pass the wine... let's talk for a bit.


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I need to watch the new American Horror Story- on my list! I am taking Monday off to get my housecleaning/organizing done. Much easier to get it done on a non-work day and non-weekend.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Haha, definitely the joys of being a homeowner. Since we've lived in our house (coming up on a year), we've had to fix the air conditioner (twice), completely drain the hot water heater, reseed the lawn, dig up the HORRIBLE rock flower beds, paint everything, and recaulk the back door because ants were coming in. However, when it comes down to it - I'd choose owning over renting ANY DAY. So much more freedom!

Also, I can't watch American Horror Story. I'm too much of a pansy.