Monday, October 28, 2013

Eating our way through Durham (oh, and a wedding!)

We had a really great weekend... and then we woke up this morning to a dead car battery. Womp, womp. Happy Monday??

Anyway. We spent the weekend in Durham, NC, celebrating the marriage of friends from college, and it was a blast. C was the best man, and this was the first wedding we've been to in some time where I didn't have any responsibilities for the weekend! It was definitely a change for us - I'm usually the one in the wedding & C is usually the one hanging out, entertaining himself. Not this time!

We drove down to NC on Thursday morning and got there just in time to grab lunch at Toast (a great recommendation from blog-friend Maddie!) and then head over to The Cookery for the rehearsal. After that, we had a few hours before the rehearsal dinner, so I snuck in a quick treadmill run while C caught up with his friends. The rehearsal dinner was held at Tyler's Taproom, and I loved it. I had a delicious chicken sandwich with garlic fries, and we all enjoyed a few beers from the huge variety on tap, Tyler's was definitely a place I could see C & I hanging out if we lived in Durham - it was a great restaurant, and a fun atmosphere. I love local places!

The groom's mom made him this amazing cake for the rehearsal!
Best man & groom

Friday morning, I weaseled my way into a yoga session with the bridal party (what a great way to start the day!) then a few of us went out to get breakfast at yet another local joint, Daisy Cakes. The carnitas hash with a sunny-side-up egg was absolutely incredible. I was stuffed to the gills!

After breakfast, C went off with the boys to hang out and get ready for the day, and I ventured out with my in-laws (who were also in town for the wedding) to explore the area. We ended up at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. What a lovely way to spend a free afternoon!

Of course I found some maroon & orange - go Hokies!

We wandered the gardens for a while, enjoying the beautiful day and even more beautiful flowers and landscaping, before grabbing a quick lunch at Piazza Italia in Brightleaf Square (Brightleaf was another recommendation from Maddie - she set me up well!). Sun-dried tomato crostini with tomato basil soup was just what I needed to hold me over until dinner at the wedding. So delicious!

The wedding was on Friday night, and it was just perfect. The bride and groom have been together longer than I've even known C, and this was always something that was just meant to be. We had so much fun celebrating their marriage! The ceremony was so personal & so "them," the DJ was great, the drinks were flowing, and a fantastic time was had by all!

Our final stop before heading out of town on Saturday was for barbecue at The Original Q Shack (one last suggestion from Maddie!) - and this was possibly the best choice, ever. I may have died and gone to hangover heaven. The food was incredible! Smoked brisket, creamed spinach with jack cheese, loaded baked potato casserole, and hush puppies on the side. You guyyysssss. #foodcoma

C & I spent Sunday playing catch-up around the house - there was yard work, housework, laundry, grocery shopping, Halloween-candy-buying, and cooking, mixed with football on in the background (Cowboys AND Redskins lost... sad day for us).

This situation had to be addressed... these are the leaves from ONE tree in our yard!
Fun with the power blower. #ilookpissed
Think this is enough?? #nosuchthing
It should go without saying that we were wiped out by dinnertime. We collapsed on the couch with pot roast and wine to catch up on American Horror Story and watch the Walking Dead. It was truly a wonderful weekend for us - minus that darn car battery!

8 comments : said...

Looks like it was a great weekend :) I am headed to a wedding this weekend. Always a good time. Also - all of that candy looks delicious! Gosh - I love Halloween and trick-or-treat!!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I feel like I've gone to SO many weddings in the last year (and we already have at least 3 on the agenda for next year), but I love when I get to visit new places in the process! Also, I'm really hoping we actually get some trick-or-treaters, because otherwise I'm going to have WAY too much candy to eat...

Tara said...

Looks like so much fun and so much delicious food! I love small towns with local restaurants- they are usually the best! :)

Tammy Jo said...

Looks like so much fun!! I know alll about the dead battery thing I dealt with that mess on Friday :(

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I love North Carolina, and it sounds like you had such amazing food (probably my favorite part of the South, haha.) One of the benefits of our townhouse is definitely that we don't have a yard to take care of, haha! Although, that power blower looks like it might secretly be fun.

Lisa said...

Tyler Taproom's fries are soooo good. And ironic that you spent this weekend in Durham. Vomit.

Lindsay said...

Have fun at your wedding! They are almost always a good time :) And happy Halloween! I'm so excited for the little kids tonight :)

Lindsay said...

This has been the YEAR of weddings for us... and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse, because most of my friends are married now, but none of C's friends have started yet. Lots on deck. And you're more than welcome to come on down the road - I hear we have lots of trick-or-treaters. It will be determined what that means, exactly, but I've got a LOT of candy waiting for them....