Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An afternoon at Arlington

Yesterday, my sister and I took a trip to Arlington National Cemetery to visit my grandfather. My grandpa was laid to rest at Arlington in April 2012, and it took almost six months past that to get his headstone installed. I had yet to have an opportunity to see the headstone, and yesterday seemed like as good a time as any to go for a visit, being Veteran's Day and all.

Still so new that the letters aren't blacked in yet
It was a gorgeous day in DC, just a little cloudy, and a light breeze. The sun was shining, and the temperature was dipping just slightly.

While the cemetery itself is rather confusing to get into, it was quite easy to find the section where my grandfather is buried, and, thanks to our special parking pass, we were able to drive right up and park next to the area we needed to be in. I really appreciate the fact that it is so easy to get access to a loved one's grave-site - I can't imagine having to go through some bureaucratic paperwork song-and-dance each and every time we wanted to go visit.

Section 55
Not quite filled in all the way yet... lots of new graves, still, and more to come
The shadows are so poignant
My family has the flag that was presented at the funeral, as well as several shell casings from the 21-gun salute, and we keep it protected in a flag box. Nat brought it along, and we set it beside Grandpa's headstone for a little visit. We spent some time taking pictures and reminiscing, and I felt very much at peace while we were there. There were lots of people taking advantage of the holiday and visiting, and we saw several tour groups, but we were largely undisturbed, and I was grateful for those private moments.

I love the lighting in this one
One of my favorites. The reflection in the box is so pretty.
So proud of our vet, and honored to have known him


Tammy Jo said...

Such a beautiful post!! I have goosebumps and tears

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Such a beautiful post! Arlington Cemetery is such a beautiful and humbling place to visit, and what a special day to visit on Veteran's Day! I'm glad that it was so easy to get to though - for once the government has had a little bit of respect for family members and their loved ones!

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

What a beautiful day to go visit! I'm glad you all had some moments of quiet amidst all the other visitors.

Lisa said...

I think Arlington is a beautiful and respectful way to honor our vets. My great-grandfather is actually buried there, as well.

Lindsay said...

Right? There is so much hassle involved in almost every aspect of government or military-related things - even getting the actual burial done was a bit of a struggle for my family, but this is one of the easiest things. You just show your pass and drive right in. They certainly got that part right. I was so glad we decided to make the trip - it's a bit out of the way to come from F'burg, but it was well worth it.