Monday, November 18, 2013

Choosing life over chores

What a busy weekend! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week - not entirely sure how I'm going to manage to prepare everything & get the house ready! I like to assume that everyone else is in the same boat... right??

As it always does for me, life comes before cleaning house and running errands, and this weekend was no exception. While I managed to get my Thanksgiving lists written out and the first major grocery shopping trip done, I left plenty on the "to-do" list while I went to a Stella & Dot Open House on Sunday and snuck in a quick shopping trip at DSW with my mama, as well! When a girl needs shoes, a girl needs shoes. Period!

On Saturday, my parents swung by to pick me up and we ventured down to Charlottesville, where we spent the day at a few wineries with my uncle to celebrate his birthday. It was originally just supposed to be my parents and my uncle, but I tagged along as a birthday surprise. We had so much fun! It was a cloudy, damp day, but it didn't keep us from having a great day.

Back porch at Blenheim Vineyards
Outside (above) and inside (below) at Blenheim Vineyards

We went to three wineries: Blenheim Vineyards, Trump Winery, and Jefferson Vineyards. Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews - kind of neat! All three wineries are within minutes of each other, so it was easy to move from place to place.

We tasted the wines at each, and of the bunch, Trump was definitely our favorite. They had the largest tasting area, a beautiful patio with comfy furniture and beautiful views, and the friendliest staff. Had we not been on a mission to go to more than one place, we probably could have just spent the afternoon there!

That's better... my cute parents
Views at Trump Winery
I kind of want to live in the building... so lovely!
The birthday boy!
Fun fact about Trump Winery: they are one of the few local vineyards that produces sparkling wine. Half of the tasting was of their sparkling varieties, and it was a cool experience - I've never done a sparkling wine tasting! Couldn't drink a whole lot of it, but definitely recommend it. Definitely helped me to determine what I actually like when it comes to sparkling wine (helpful, since my usual "selection method" in the grocery store is just to grab the cheapest or prettiest bottle... typical!).

Even on a grey, cloudy day, the Virginia countryside is absolutely beautiful. You just can't beat the sights in the fall around here! It obviously would have been perfect and gorgeous if the weather had been nice, but, like I said, we had just as great a time with yucky weather. Good wine and better company makes for a wonderful day!

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Travinia in Charlottesville, and C drove down to meet us for that part of the fun. A giant feast of delicious Italian food was just what we needed after all the wine... plus a little more wine to wash it down, of course!

And there ya have it - another day where I chose an experience and quality time with my family over the piles of laundry or dirty kitchen floor that may have been calling my name. Of course, I will be rushing around to get it all done before Thanksgiving, but I certainly wouldn't trade the day I had for a couple baskets of clean clothes. I know there is that saying that "babies don't keep," but really, I believe that life doesn't keep. I'd rather enjoy it!

6 comments : said...

What a nice time spent with family. To this day, there is no one I would rather spend time with then my family: my parents, husband, sister and brother-in-law and I'm good to go :) Also, I love the idea of a winery with your parents. I'm going to suggest this as a Saturday afternoon trip!

Tammy Jo said...

That looks beautiful!!!!!

Anna said...

Love it! I was just at Blenheim and Trump a few weeks ago and they are gorgeous. Glad you got to enjoy! And as always in my house too, life and enjoyment came far before chores :

Lindsay said...

A trip to a winery just can't be beat, even on a gross fall day! It is so nice that there are so many around where we live - it's so easy to go to one or several for the afternoon, without having to plan a giant trip. Also, it's a relatively cheap way to spend an afternoon, since tastings are usually not too expensive (granted, it can get expensive quick if you start buying bottles!) :)

Thanks for reading!

Lisa said...

As much as I detest uva, the Shenandoah is really gorgeous (but still not Blacksburg, haha). And did you know that you can rent a limo to drive you around the wineries in the northern wine region (like Loudoun County)?

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Hahaha, I totally use the same "cheap and pretty" method when it comes to choosing wines sometimes!