Friday, November 1, 2013

New House Halloween

How's everyone's Halloween hangover?? Hope you're not hurting too badly, be it from kid treats or adult treats. We had such a fun night! This week's Five for Friday is dedicated to our first "official" holiday in the new house (Labor Day & Columbus Day don't count!).

Last year's Halloween was weird - I was between jobs, Hurricane Sandy had just hit, and C was in a minor car accident the day before and had terrible back & neck pain. We had a few kids come by, but it wasn't the great night I'd hoped. I crossed my fingers for better luck this year in our new neighborhood. Luckily, it was just as good as I'd hoped it would be - we had over 110 trick-or-treaters last night! Good thing I didn't go with my usual "hand out one piece, eat one piece" plan...

C & I sat on the porch, handing out candy to kids and sipping on some adult treats... it's spiked apple cider season, my friends, and I love it! It was a really nice night, with a  breeze and warm temps, and even though it sprinkled a little, it didn't stop us or the kids. Success!

1. No costumes for us this year: this was as dressed up as I got.

2. Unfortunately, no jack o' lanterns for us, either! Being out of town last weekend, we just didn't have time to get our pumpkins carved. That's alright, though, because it means I can keep my big pumpkins and mums out on the porch as fall decorations for the rest of the season.

3. Call me the crazy cat lady (I know, I know), but I had to throw this in:

Look how brave the little dude is getting! He sat and monitored our candy-passing skills all night, and didn't even run (all the way) away when kids were looking through the door at him. I think it helped that we didn't have the doorbell going all night.

4. One of the neighbors warned us a few weeks ago that there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and lots of others who come here specifically to trick-or-treat, so I was well-prepared and loaded up on candy! We actually ended up with several bags left over, but that will be donated to my mom's classroom, so I won't be forced to eat it!

5. We are working on establishing our own family traditions, and one of those is dinner on Halloween night: Chinese food! We placed our order, and when the kids stopped coming around 8 PM (so early!), we enjoyed a delicious feast of General Tso's chicken, szechaun green beans, chicken lo mein, and egg rolls. We caught up on American Horror Story and watching the SNL Halloween special (hilarious!!), and were in bed by 11. My kind of All Hallow's Eve!


Donna said...

Visiting from 5 on Friday! 110 is so many trick-or-treaters! We got 11...and 8 of those were my younger cousins! Chinese food on Halloween sounds like an awesome tradition to start! :)

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Did you COUNT your trick-or-treaters??? Haha. As you saw last night, we had a minor newbie-fail and totally ran out of candy. I was not prepared for the number of trick-or-treaters that we were going to have. It didn't help that by 7pm, we'd had like 10. So I started getting a little generous with the giving. And then by 7:20 we'd had like 75 kids. And then I had like 3 sad Reece's Cups left and frantically made C run out to the store to buy more. I didn't want to be THAT house that turns off its lights at 7:30pm!

Haylee said...

I sent our leftover candy with my husband to work today - too much temptation to eat it! Lol.

The Lady Okie said...

You're my kind of girl :) I didn't dress up either. I actually was wearing my red and white socks! I think I'm ready for Christmas!

Lindsay said...

Possibly... don't judge me! I got excited when I saw how many we were having and wanted to give an accurate account to my mother. HA! I still ended up with three bags of candy left over, plus a bowlful of candy w/ peanuts that the little girl next door brought me because she's allergic. Which was awesome. (For me, not her!)