Thursday, December 19, 2013

Apparently we need a tradition?

As mentioned in prior Boys Behind the Blog posts, I have been strictly told "no editing!" for the answers that my darling husband provided this month. However, I don't really feel that they need editing... and, full disclosure, these answers had me laughing so hard when I read them that I had tears in my eyes. So, you're welcome. Hope this makes your Thursday ;)

The following paragraphs are all straight from the mind of this handsome fella. Promise!

1. What is your favorite cereal?

I don't really eat cereal. I'm (unfortunately) past the point where sugary cereals are acceptable as breakfast food, so I'm holding out until we have kids and I can buy Trix and Fruity Pebbles and all the good stuff. I can only hope that they've improved the structural integrity, because I hated having exactly 15 seconds to enjoy my crunchy cereal before it was just sugary milk-paste. If they haven't, I guess I'll need to eat cereal out of shot glasses to control the milk absorption and because I'm an ADULT and can do whatever I want.  

Silly rabbit... Trix are for kids!

2. Pancakes or waffles?

Who wrote these questions? Are you from Breakfastland? Are you the Mayor of Morningfood? Anyway, waffles. Again, it's all about ratios. People go crazy about FAT STAXXX of pancakes, but what's the point? I like butter on my pancakes, which means I would have to move each pancake out of position (or make it raaaaaaain) and then reassemble the stack. Or I guess I could drill through the middle of the stack because, again, ADULT. I have no time for those silly things. Give me waffles any day.

I'm not sure I've ever seen C eat waffles... or cereal, for that matter.

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

The Wifey and I are at a point where we're still integrating our individual family traditions into our newly-combined personal holidays, so I'm not sure we have anything that we MUST DO FOR CHRISTMAS OR ELVES SUFFER. That being said, the West side (lulz) of the family always has Christmas lasagna. Maybe because we're Italian (yes, we talk with our hands) or maybe because it's easy to make months in advance and we're lazy. I don't know.

Stockings and such are as close as we get to "traditions" so far...

4. Finish the sentence: All I want for Christmas is...

YoooooOOOOOooooou, baaaaby. Seriously, I want this damn song out of my head. It's been there for a month now. GO AWAY, Mariah. Can we please find another damn song for Christmas? If I ever hear this played at church for Christmas mass, I'm leaving the suburbs for Alaska and celebrating Christmas in an igloo.

Who doesn't have a copy of this amazing CD tucked away somewhere??

5. What was your best moment of 2013? 

When we bought our house. That's my stock answer. But that's not really a moment, that took months. It was a great moment when we finally opened up the door with our own keys and wandered around our empty house for the first time. But that was all part of the plan. I think great moments are spontaneous. Like, you're sitting on a deck near the beach, your feet are propped up, you've got a good drink, and you're watching the sun go down. THAT'S when you realize, "Holy shit, this is perfect. Life is one big combination of chaos, insanity, and confusion, but right now, things are pretty damn good." I had one of those over the summer.

Now that was certainly a moment!

Boys Behind The Blog

Boys Behind the Blog is a fantastic link-up put together each month by Mal @ Mal Smiles and Stephanie @ Never the Same Spice Twice. Mal & Stephanie provide five questions, and you get to pick a guy in your life to provide the answers. Turns out, my husband kind of loves these posts... check out his previous great answers here!


Lisa said...

The Christmas lasagna tradition is pretty great. My father and husband are connoisseurs of Italian food, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind adding that tradition.

Lindsey @ The Crafty Practitioner said...

Your husband's answers crack me up! He seems like a really funny sarcastic guy.

Stephanie said...

I. AM. DYING. This is hilarious. Seriously. Milk-paste. Lulz. I just can't even handle it. Give bonus points to C for me for a great post!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Enjoy that Christmas lasagna and have a beautiful 1st Christmas in your new home! :*)

Alex[andra] said...

We don't have Trix in Canada. :( I think your husband should stop holding out for the kids and just eat them for us Canadians. :P

Kfro said...

I love it. He is too funny!

Kfro said...

I love it. He is too funny!

Brianna said...

Its always a fun time when you're making new traditions together! I love this!

runningonpb said...

omg this is absolutely awesome… I love this!! He had me cracking up so much with his answers