Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coffee [wine] Talk #2

I've posted (and read) other "coffee talk" posts before, and now seems like a good time for another. What is "coffee talk"? Well, exactly what it sounds like - it's what we would talk about if we were having coffee (or wine... wine is good, too). Y'all know from WIAW that I love my coffee in the mornings, but I enjoy just as much to get together with someone on a morning or afternoon, and sip a cup, and chat. I don't get to do it very often (who has time for that?), but it is a nice treat. [Also, anyone want to meet for coffee in real life? I will make time :) ]

Sidenote: this post already has the most parentheses, ever. Hmm.

Grab your coffee (or your wine), sit back, and chat a while. Here’s what I would talk about…

  • Like, um, everyone else, I can’t believe that Christmas is two weeks away. I have no idea how everything will get done before then. 
  • My mom, my sister, and I are having a cookie baking party this weekend. By that, I mean, the three of us are getting together and baking approximately 37 types of cookies and I’m going to force them to listen to Christmas music for 12 solid hours and watch Elf 6 times in a row. Normal, right? 
  • I hate to be like this, but… C & I have had some things going on behind-the-scenes lately that have been weighing heavily on me / us. It’s making it a little bit hard to write cheerful, happy holiday posts, because we’ve been dealing with some messes lately, but I’m trying. I truly hate to be cryptic like that (and other people’s posts / facebook statuses / tweets like that annoy the hell out of me), but, for safety reasons, I really can’t put it all out there. That said, this is coffee talk, and trust me, if we were together, I’d be talking about it. 
  • I am probably one of the world’s worst gift givers. It’s not because I don’t like giving gifts – in fact, it’s the exact opposite. I love giving gifts SO MUCH that I really stress over what to give people, because I hate to give things that are useless or not what they really want or random junk. I want to give gifts that are meaningful, thoughtful, and a good use of money (for me and them). It’s very stressful. 
  • Along the same line, I hate giving gift cards, because it seems so thoughtless and simple. At the same time, though, I know that that’s often the best method – giving someone the ability and funds to go buy something they really want is a nice gift. I fear, though, that it looks like I didn’t think about the person, and just grabbed a gift card, when really, I thought about it TOO MUCH. Ugh. It’s a conundrum. 
  • I made meat sauce on Friday, and then C & I made lasagna with it on Friday night, and it was delicious. Like, sitting on the couch, shoveling it into our faces, telling each other how good it is, delicious. We make really good lasagna. 
  • We are planning to see several movies around Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to them! Among the choices are “Saving Mr. Banks,” “The Book Thief,” “Anchorman 2,” and “American Hustle.” It’s been a while since I saw a movie in theaters. Any recommendations? 
  • We had the worst kind of snow days on this week (at my house, anyway): rain, while everyone else got snow. Womp, womp. It wasn’t even pretty. Just wet. That said, I am very thankful for having a garage. And I enjoyed working from home in my sweatpants in front of the fire. That was delightful!
  • I finally ordered our Christmas cards on Monday. Better late than never, right? If Shutterfly doesn’t produce and ship these quickly, our friends and family may be receiving New Year’s cards this year… whoops! I procrastinate with this every year because I just. Cannot. Make. A decision. Also, I stress over coupon codes because I am determined to get the absolute best deal possible. I placed my order on Monday, and, wouldn’t ya know, on Tuesday morning, an email pops up from Shutterfly with a code for 20% more off. Offffff course.
What's on your mind? Anything you want to chat about? I'm happy to share my coffee wine with you!

Here, have some.


P!nky said...

I poured wine in my Christmas coffee mug last week beacuse i couldnt' find my christmas wine glass. now wine in a mug is a fave!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

I love coffee (and wine) chats! Let's do it for REAL again sometime! Also, I'm with you on the gift stress. And now that Christmas is only like 2 weeks away, that stress is like x 10000. Yikes! AND I still havent ordered my Christmas...ok New Years... ok Valentine's Day cards. Total fail.

Kalie said...

I am jealous that you got to work from home in sweatpants. We haven't gotten anymore than a dusting of snow, so no snow days here. Hope you enjoy your baking day - those are the best!

Lindsay @ Typically Late said...

STILL waiting on my Christmas cards........... I swear, one of these years, I will order early!!