Friday, December 27, 2013

Guest Post: Meet Stephanie!

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I can usually be found over in my little corner of the internet at My Freckled Life, where I typically blog about healthy living, fitness, food, and other totally random things that happen in my life. Oh, and lots and lots of pictures of my dog. Because I’m one of THOSE people that has more pictures of her dog on her phone than of her husband.
Just kidding. There are probably equal amounts of photos… maybe…
I’m so happy to have this chance to take over Lindsay’s blog today! Lindsay and I met because of the blog world (when we had the most awkwardly awesome blog date because no one else showed up to a meet-up!) but have since become real life friends. Which is even better, because we just happen to live about 5 minutes from each other! We’ve also discovered that we’re basically twins: Same college, same Hokie-obsessed husbands, same train commute…we’re basically the same person. Basically Lindsay is awesome, and I hope I can live up to her standards!

Anyway, today I thought I would take over Lindsay’s usual Five on Friday with Five of my recent favorite things!

Favorite Workout Motivation: Working out with friends!

After I finished grad school, I moved way out to the boonies of Virginia for my new job, where I knew absolutely no one. I quickly joined a gym, and while I did meet some gym buddies through classes, I mostly spent my time working out alone. Since we’ve moved to Fredericksburg however, I’ve made some great friends (like Lindsay!) and we’ve even had the chance to work out together on several occasions. Not only is a great way to get yourself motivated to actually go to the gym (especially during the holidays!), but it also makes workouts way more fun.

I mean, there is a big difference between making a goofy face during a Bodypump squats track to your best friend standing next to you and making that face to a random chick that’s giving you the judgey eyes. I’m just saying. Working out with friends is way more fun.

Favorite Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Subscription Boxes

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the best gift giver. But some people are just plain difficult to shop for no matter how much you pay attention to their subtle gift hints. Recently though, when in doubt I’ve started to go with subscription boxes. My personal favorites are Nature Box (for those snackers or health conscious folks), Bark Box (for the dog lovers) and Conscious Box (for those greenies who like to try new products). But I know that there are a ton more out there  – BuluBox, Birchbox, Ipsy, etc. I mean, come on, there is basically one for EVERYTHING at this point.

In my opinion, they are the perfect answer to the age old question “What do you get the person who has everything?” Subscriptions typically come in 1-3 month ranges, and definitely get you bonus points for being fun and creative!

Favorite At-Home Workout Videos: Blogilates

During the holidays life always seems to get a little crazy, and I know that I for one don’t always have time to make it to the gym. However I also need to to do something to counteract all of the Christmas cookies that seem to keep appearing in my kitchen. So when I’m in need of a quick workout at home, I’ve been loving Blogilates videos lately. They are usually quick but seriously hardcore, and I always wake up sore the next morning.

To give you fair warning, my husband tends to hide upstairs when I play her videos, because he says her voice is slowly burning his eardrums. But I just find her to be extremely peppy. So watch at your own risk. Your significant others may hate me for this one.

Favorite Way to Spread Holiday Cheer: Giving to others

Christmas is obviously known for the presents and Santa Claus, but when it comes down to it the root of Christmas is also about giving. That’s why every year I try and find someway to give back or spread the holiday cheer around to some of those who may be less fortunate. In past years we’ve participated in programs like Angel Tree or Operation Christmas Child, which are both set up to help give gifts to children or families who may not be able to afford presents this year.

It can even be as simple as donating a few small gifts to a friend or a family member you know, which is what we chose to do this year. I have a friend who has run in to a lot of roadblocks the past few months (including the birth of a very preemie baby), so our bible study got together a few gifts for her and her kids so that she could just enjoy spending the time with them this year without worrying about the financial burden. I’m telling you, there is nothing more Christmas-y than seeing joy on other’s faces!

Favorite Pinterest Idea: Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies Diethood Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies

Now that I’ve talked your ear off, I thought I’d end with something short and sweet. Literally. I saw these cookies on Pinterest the other day, and basically started drooling at my desk like a Neanderthal. Cranberries, White Chocolate, and Nutella? All of my favorite things thrown in to a single cookie. Tie them up with rainbows and starlight and I’m pretty sure they could solve world hunger. But seriously, I will be making these immediately. And so should you. And then share. :)

Well thank you again for letting me take over Lindsay’s blog for the day while she’s out having fun for the holidays! And thank you Lindsay for the opportunity!

Have a very happy holidays!

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Sarah said...

I'm a crazy dog lady too :) I've been hearing so much about Bark Box and am tempted to jump on the bandwagon - love your idea of giving subscription boxes as a gift!

juliegoeshealthy said...

I got some subscription boxes that arrived on Christmas Day! Such a great surprise! I loved giving to others this year as well, and favorite workout from home: FitnessBlender on youtube.