Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIAW: dinner debacle

This week has been... off. I don't even have the words to explain it.

Monday night involved tripping down the garage stairs and twisting my ankle (luckily, all is fine), as well as kind of backing into the garage door safety sensor and knocking the wiring all askew so it wouldn't work (a trip to Home Depot and a little handiwork later, all is well).

Tuesday night involved getting home 40 minutes late due to a broken down train (the joys of public transportation), pizza dough that wouldn't cooperate, and an impromptu sidewalk conversation with the neighbors that lasted 30 minutes.

None of that sounds devastating, but C & I are definitely creatures of habit, and we have a "routine" once we get home for the day... it does not involve any of the things that have been happening, needless to say. I'm hoping things get back to normal soon!

One thing that is happening as planned: What I Ate Wednesday! I have really been enjoying linking up with Jenn for WIAW, and hope you all don't mind if I stick with this for a while. It's kind of fun, and it's definitely interesting to see other people's blog posts featuring the things that they eat on a "regular" (or not-so-regular) day.

Breakfast for me was the usual coffee & banana, plus a special addition. My uncle brought some delicious loaves of bread from the grocery store he works at for Thanksgiving, and I decided to bring the last into the office to share. Of course, I had to have a slice before I set it out for my hungry co-workers! This one was Triple Berry, and it was very good.

Leftovers were lunch (as usual) - I dished up some of the turkey noodle casserole, and it hit the spot! I'm so sad that this is gone now... will definitely have to make it (or something like it) again soon. With a yogurt on the side for some calcium, it was just what I needed mid-day.

As I mentioned, we got home 40 minutes later than usual due to the train situation, so I knew I needed something in my stomach before I went to the gym. I snacked on some of my favorite pita chips and hummus while doing a few quick things around the house, then it was off to BodyPump Express for me. I had been planning on yoga, but, as I mentioned above, everything "planned" this week has been out of whack. BodyPump was a good substitute, even though it was a short class.

While I was at Gold's, C was in charge of making pizza with some TJ's dough I'd thawed... it apparently fought him back. I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but when I got home, most of the kitchen was covered in flour and the dough was on the stone looking... misshapen. I don't know if it was because it was frozen and then sat on the counter all day (maybe I should have left it in the fridge), but it just didn't want to roll out and form correctly. What we ended up with was a little wonky looking, but it still tasted good at 9:15 when we finally sat down to eat! Pepperoni and olives were all I had on hand - no creative toppings this time. Paired with a glass of red and a side of ranch (AKA the best way to eat pizza).

I'm glad we decided to stick with the pizza instead of scrapping it - while it wasn't pretty, it still tasted good, and cold leftover pizza is always a good breakfast in my book. I guess you know what tomorrow's eats are now :)

Ever have those days where everything just doesn't go as planned? Can you bounce back, or does it throw you for a loop? Personally, I feel loopy this week.. ha!


Kate @ Like American Honey said...

I had to laugh out loud about your comment about the unexpected 30 minute neighbor conversation. I am also a huge creature of habit, especially on week nights, and get a wee bit annoyed about little unexpected things.

Lisa said...

Have you tried red pepper hummus? It's delightful. And I'm moving up your way soon!

Karey @ Nutty About Health said...

Sorry about the rough week! I hate it when routine gets messed up too.
Wow, that pizza looks great though!! Yum!!

Jessie said...

It's always awesome when a not so great looking dish tastes delicious. Sometimes those are the best kind =) I was wondering what turkey casserole dish you used?