Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIAW: Just the facts

Fact: We are one week away from Christmas.
Fact: We are two weeks away from 2014.
Fact: We are three weeks away from my birthday!


Fact: What I Ate Wednesday has been Christmas-fied this week.

Fact: I am currently playing a game with myself called "how many days past the 'use by' date on yogurt can you eat it and not get sick?" You don't want to know what day this is.

Fact: Taco salad is my favorite meal. Ground turkey, corn, red onion, and white cheddar, topped with lettuce, a little leftover guac, and salsa ranch. (Salsa ranch is exactly that: salsa + ranch. Try it. You'll be happy.)

Fact: "Use what's in the fridge" quesadillas can turn out pretty dang good. This one is turkey, bacon, white cheddar, and red onion, dipped in ranch.

Fact: Coming home from yoga with Stephanie to find this meal ready and waiting was like winning the lottery (which we did not).

Semi-unrelated Fact: Yoga was delightful - we vinyasa'd our little hearts out, and today, my back is sore. Better get to that class more often, methinks... Also, yoga with friends is definitely more fun!

Fact: My husband is an excellent quesadilla maker. Look at those golden-brown spots!


Hannah said...

We ate the same lunch :)
No worries on the yogurt. I watched a whole special on the Today Show that said those dates arent accurate. Of course, I'll probably end up with some severe internal bacteria now that I've sad that...

Lisa said...

There are a bunch of shelf life predictor websites that can judge how long your food is good using it's production or use by date. Most yogurt is good for 3-4 weeks past its use by date. The quality just decreases.

Nikki @ grab your kicks said...

Your quesadillas look so yummy! I always try to have a night where we eat leftovers or whatever is still in our fridge from the week.

Stephanie said...

Fact: Yoga was amazing! And ouch are my shoulders STILL feeling it. Clearly I need to go to yoga more often. Which hopefully I can do if I do a switcheroo on gyms! Yay! Also, I'm SO jealous that C had yummy quesadillas for you! I had to run and get noodles and co before my C starved to death. haha. said...

I love the little border around your pictures. It makes everything so festive :)

Leigha Woelffer said...

Omg... some of the things I've eaten past expiration date! I'm currently eating hummus that expired in October. I'm loving all of these eats!! Whenever I have taco salad I always wonder why I don't eat it more, it's so yummy! And I LOVE that idea of salsa and ranch. Yes please! Adorable blog btw! :)

Lindsay said...

Salsa mixed with ranch is my FAVORITE dressing ever! It's so addicting!
Yogurt is the one food item I will continue to eat (and serve to my kids) way past the best before date.