Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Break out the cake & balloons!

Happy birthday to me! 

Stick some candles on a birthday cake and sing the song... I'm 27 today! (Fun fact: It's Elvis's birthday, too. The King and I share a day - didja know?? Wisdom provided by my 9th grade English teacher, and I've never forgotten it!)

Let's take one very small second and say this together: twenty-seven. That can't possibly be my real age, right? Actual adults are 27. Ummmm... that can't be me... wahhhh!

Moving on.

Gratuitous baby birthday photos
To celebrate, C & I are going out to dinner tonight (no idea where - it's a surprise!), and then we are in the midst of planning a winery excursion with some of my favorite people for this weekend. Can't think of a better way to enjoy the occasion than food, lovely people, and wine. Cross your fingers that the 50% chance of rain goes away!

In honor of this fantastic day, I've decided to do something BRAND NEW and EXCITING... my first giveaway! That's right - for my birthday, I'm going to give you (or someone) a present! I'm not entirely sure what, yet, but I'll put together a little package of some of my favorite things for the winner: probably a Starbucks gift card, a snack or two, my favorite chapstick and / or nail polish, maybe some fun socks... it'll be a surprise, like all good birthday presents should be!

Entering the giveaway is easy - just use the widget below. No crazy actions required - you don't have to follow me on 17 forms of social media, you don't have to promise me your first-born child, you don't have to paint my toenails on the third Wednesday of every month. Just enter if you want to win! The contest is open until midnight tomorrow, and I'll announce the winner later this week :)

YAY, birthdays!

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Lisa C said...

Happy Birthday!!! At least it won't be 10 degrees on Saturday :)

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...


Kate @ Like American Honey said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a great (and warm) day!