Thursday, January 9, 2014

I can't think straight at the moment

I apologize now for the lack-of-sense in this post. It is officially Day After Birthday and it would appear that my pesky cold from this weekend has returned with a vengeance. My head is slightly under water (or so it feels). I was feeling pretty good Monday - Wednesday, but today I'm sniffly, sneezy, runny, and cold. Bring on the cold medicine and tea... I'm fighting the battle again. Womp, womp.

As far as birthdays go, yesterday was pretty lovely. My wonderful team at work brought me cake (three kinds!) and some small gifts, and we grabbed a quick drink at a near-by bar after work. C was even able to join us!

On the train home, I finished my book for our January book club meeting (The Fault in Our Stars - yes, I was crying on the train as I finished it!). I asked C to surprise me and pick the place for dinner (I hate choosing restaurants - so much pressure!) and we had a lovely meal at Brock's Riverside Grill. It was our first time there, and we enjoyed it well enough that we will definitely go back and give it a try in the summer, when there are actually views of the river... details, details.

The rest of the night consisted of Big Bang Theory re-runs on the couch and a little leftover cake that my co-workers sent home with me. It was totally low-key, but it was a great way to start off my 27th year. I don't need much excitement these days!

In other news, I thought I'd take a minute and share something new: the Typically Late board I just created on my Pintrest page. If you're not following me on Pintrest, I've love to have you do so. I'll be posting links to recipes and other things on that page, so that they are easy to re-pin and save for when you want to read something again or use a recipe.Let me know if there is something specific that you'd like to see there!

Last thing - have you entered my birthday giveaway yet?? It's easy to enter (no actions required by you but a click of the button) and open to anyone. I'm looking forward to putting together a fun little package for the winner! You have until midnight tonight to enter.


Lisa C said...

The older I get, the nicer low key birthdays are. I can't imagine partying for my birthday like I did in college these days, haha.

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

Cake and Big Bang Theory on the couch sounds like a PERFECT birthday! Seriously, I live for BBT (I also abbreviate it, haha.)