Monday, January 6, 2014

Just what we needed

I believe that I had what could rightly be considered one of the most boring weekends, ever. And honestly, I'm not even mad about it. Why? Because of this:

That, my friends, is my beautiful, amazing new couch, which fits my living room just perfectly, and is probably the most comfortable couch, ever. I know that because we tested it by doing nothing but laying on for for almost the entire day on Saturday.

Don't hate.

In my defense, we woke up early Saturday to finish moving things out of the way and get ready for the furniture delivery guys, and while we were doing that, I realized that I really wasn't feeling well. I was shivery, achy, whiny (never!), and tired, and my throat was on fi-yah. Not so good. Official remedy: tea, cold medicine, and a million episode of this brand-new show you may have never heard of: Breaking Bad! Need me to tell you about it?? Ohh.... no? I'm the only one late to that party? Hmmmm.....

(Side story: C tried to get me to watch Breaking Bad with him when Season 1 came out, and I watched two episodes and was all, no thanks, because that show sucked. Turns out, I was wrong. It does not suck. Unless you count the fact that it sucked me right in this weekend and now I want to do nothing but watch it until the very end. It's a wonder I made it to work today!)

Any-hoo. The rest of Saturday (and a lot of Sunday) looked like this:

cuties - cat & husband!
And it was delightful.

We made carnitas in the crock-pot on Saturday (pork shoulder roast, orange juice, chicken stock, onion, garlic, assorted Mexican spices - try it, you'll love it) which were OMG, good, and I made a big pot of beef & vegetable stoup (thanks, Rachael Ray, for that word) on Sunday. I also managed to peel myself off the couch long enough to get to the gym and take a BodyFlow class on Sunday afternoon, which was good, but the teacher wasn't great, soo... maybe I should have stayed couch-bound. I am feeling significantly better today, which is good, because it is my BIRTHDAY-WEEK and who can afford to be sick for their birth-week?! Not this girl.

We had a weekend of no plans on the books, and it turns out that we couldn't have planned that better - lots of downtime was just what the doctor ordered.

Anyone else have a quiet weekend? Or just the opposite?


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Yay for quiet weekends! Sometimes they are the absolute best thing in the world! My weekend looked pretty similar - sickness, laying around on the couch, same general idea. Except that I did have a ton of errands to run, which kind of took away from my relaxing weekend. Also, I have been trying to stay away from the Breaking Bad trend only because I dont have time for any more shows! But people keep trying to suck me in!

Lisa said...

Birth-week whoot! I've also been self-medicating (I'm using Mucinex these days). I think everyone has gotten the same Nova crud.

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

Your couch looks fabulous...perfect for lazy weekends!! We also had a lazy weekend, and I spent most of Saturday on the couch. It was amazing. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your birthday week!! Honestly, one day is not enough, so I'm going to spread the birthday week idea. ;)