Monday, January 13, 2014

Winners & losers

Happy Monday! Did y'all watch the Golden Globes last night?? C & I watched the first few hours, but missed the end... and most of the big awards. Whoops! We did devote a good amount of time to the red carpet pre-show, though (while flipping back to the football game every few minutes - there were some good games yesterday!) Like probably everyone else, I have some strong opinions regarding the dress choices from last night. There were some FANTASTIC ones... and also some horrible ones. Here are my choices - agree or disagree?

All photos from Huff Post

Reese Witherspoon went for simplicity, and she looked fabulous. Does she age?? The color of her dress is unusual for winter, and just beautiful on her. I love her new shorter haircut, too.

Mila Kunis, what can we even say? Hottest woman alive! Great color choice for winter, and I liked the embellishments at the top and simplicity at the bottom. Her dress even looks like it might be comfortable!

Olivia Wilde did pregnancy perfectly. And that color! I die. 

Sofia Vergara caught my eye because she just looks like she owns the red carpet. Basic black can be SO gorgeous, and I love her sassy pop of color with the necklace. 

All photos from Huff Post

I ADORE Jennifer Lawrence.... But I am not loving her style right now at all. I don't like the dress, I don't love her hair like everyone else (but give her mad props for the brave chop!), and I didn't love her makeup last night, either. A little too dark for me. I like her better when she looks young and fresh. 

Emma Stone is another actress I love, but who I could just not stand behind last night. Does that actually even count as a "dress"? Looks like a sack. And is it just me, or does she look a little ill? So frail.

Lena Dunham... Just no. She should probably consider firing her stylist. Terrible color for her, cut that is not flattering at all, and, to top it off, her hair has that "just rolled out of bed" look, but NOT in a good way. 

Julia Roberts must have just come from some sort of business meeting... Right? I actually like this dress - I just don't think it was nearly fancy enough for an occasion like the Golden Globes. 

All photos from Huff Post
I normally don't particularly care about Miss Golden Globe, but I did want to call her out this year - Sosie Bacon looked fantastic. I LOVE the dress, her hair is gorgeous, and she looks so elegant and classic. Definitely a stylistic win!

And finally..... sending a big congratulations to the winners of my birthday giveaway: Ianni & Elizabeth! That's right, I said winnerS...... I got so excited about it that I picked two! I will be emailing both of you and coordinating getting your surprise packages to you - be on the lookout for that!


Kate @ Like American Honey said...

Somehow I'm the one person who completely missed the Golden Globes...I feel like I'm about 85 years old. Definitely love the best dressed you posted! I feel like Reese Witherspoon always looks amazing, and Olivia Wilde is just stunning.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

I didn't get to see any of them, but I totally agree with your style justifications. I love J.Law, but am not really a huge fan of her new look. Maybe she's trying to go anti-Katniss for awhile so she doesnt get pidgeon-holed into the same roles? I dont know, but I dont love it. Also Reese Witherspoon probably has my FAVORITE style of all of Hollywood, ever. So classy.