Thursday, February 20, 2014

No island vacation for us, I guess!

I must have temporarily lost my mind yesterday, because, somewhere in the span of a few hours, I signed up for both the Tarheel 10 Miler and the Historic Half. Ummmm.... looks like I'm going to need to start running again! Ha. I haven't run much since the OBX Half - a few miles on the treadmill here and there, sure, but mostly it's been too dang cold and dark to run outside and I can only survive on the dreadmill for so long. With new races on the horizon, though, I'm looking forward to having some inspiration for outdoor runs AND the lovely spring weather that helps out, too. Wheeee!

Anyway. Moving on to the fun stuff... it's time for the Boys Behind the Blog again! This fun link-up is hosted by Mal and Stephanie each month, and gives us bloggers a chance to showcase the men in our lives. This is easily turning into my favorite post of the month. I've always known my husband was funny, but.... he kills me with these! His answers just get better and better, and this month is no different. Read on!

The love of my life, even when he photo-bombs me.

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

I don't know. Like, anywhere? I haven't been everywhere, so I'm struggling with the enormity of this question. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to live on some remote mountain in the Alps or on a beach in South America, but the idea seems so foreign (puns!) because, ummm, how does one acquire groceries or have wifi? "Ugh, why do I always have one bar; this place doesn't even have LTE?" Ok, so maybe solitude isn't for me. But I think of New York (so many peeeeeeeople) or Boston (so much Brady) and I get annoyed because I'm from the DC area and have had to hear transplants go on and on and on about how great "city-I-lived-in-before-I-got-transferred-here" is. If it's so great, GO BACK WE DON'T WANT YOU DC ROXX! So no cities. Anyway, I think I like my house and will happily live there forever.

2. Sand or snow?

Snow. Sand is dirty and disgusting and there are crabs that live in sand and waddle towards me at night and I want to hit them with a 9-iron. Snow gives me a legitimate reason to stay inside. I love inside. I went to a beach for President's Day one year and there was snow on beach. Whoa now, role reversal. That's my kind of beach. No hot and no opportunity for people to make me feel guilty about avoiding the ocean (more scary things).

Obviously terrifying.
[source: google images]

(Editor's Wife's note: C's family goes on a vacation to the Outer Banks almost every summer and I find this hilarious and ironic because there is almost nothing he hates more than sand and being hot.)

3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?

I'm going to be checking up on the BBB answers this month because anyone that doesn't say curling is a GD liar (or he forgot about curling). Ice-bocce is so Canadian. I want to start a curling club next to a Tim Horton's and we'll drink Molson and bitch about the Maple Leafs (or Canadiens if we accidentally let in a Frenchman) and listen to Celine Dion and Brian Adams while reminiscing about Steve Nash's glory days and eating Maple Syrup/Canadian Bacon pizza. No Bieber.

C's butt would look good in those fancy pants... right??
[source: google images]

4. You're cooking a romantic dinner- what is your go-to dish?

Meh, anything can be romantic if you make it pretty enough. Chick parm? Just keep it clean and throw some fresh parsley on top. Steak? Cross-hatch grill marks (put the meat on at 10 o'clock to start, rotate to 2 o'clock after a few minutes). Anyway, it's not about WHAT to cook. Like everything, it's about the forethought and effort required to make the meal. That being said, go big or go home. Is there anything more intoxicating than pulling meat out of butcher's wrap?

mmmm..... steakkkk....
[source: google images]

5. Fill in the blank: This year, I gave (your wife/girlfriend/fiance's name) a ____________________ for Valentine's Day?

Flowers and a couple of cards. We're on our 6th-ish Valentine's Day, so I don't feel the pressure for GRAND GESTURES anymore. We have birthdays and Christmas and a legitimate anniversary, so I'm not breaking out the big guns when Hallmark is begging me to buy a 7 dollar card and 25 dollar flowers. Gotta line those Hallmark pockets, those Precious Moments figurines aren't going to make themselves! Plush toys stopped being relevant to Lindsay after we inherited our cat (and not a moment before), so those are out, too. I guess I could splurge and get her those little chalk / antacid hearts (FAX ME), but why? I was also told not to get the chocolates, so that's out. We always plan a half-way decent to incredible dinner, cook together, and relax. It's what we like to do, so we do that.

 (Editor's Wife's note: I can vouch for this... I like Valentine's Day and all, but I'd rather spend time with C and do something we enjoy than almost anything else. And I really did say no chocolate! My butt doesn't need that. He's in the clear!)

Boys Behind The Blog


Ashley said...

It is pretty weird to see snow at the beach.

Stopping by from the link up and a new follower!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

This is hilarious!! Also, I 100% agree with C on the whole beach thing. Ungodly hot, sand in your swimsuit, and creatures with teeth or pincers that don't need to breathe air? Count me out. I'll take snow any day of the week.

Emilee Jewett said...

Linds, you can come visit me for beach life anytime! :-) Silly Charlie!

elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

I am the exact same way about races! all the sudden I sign up for a bunch even though I'm not running, like, at all. whoops! I guess we need to put that pressure on ourselves to get out and run!

I freakin love these posts--they always make me laugh!

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Your guy writes entire paragraphs. I'm so jealous.

Mariah-Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

Pretty funny answers there!! I think like half the link-up chose Curling so maybe C is on to something (good thing my husband picked it too!). Who doesn't like a good steak...sounds like C has his skills down :) P makes me supervise steak grilling because I'm very picky about my steak and hate for mine to be overdone.

Rambling Hermit said...

Hahah the snow/sand answer was hilarious!!!!
Stopping by from the blog hop! =)

Brianna said...

I like snow too! He's funny!

Lisa C said...

I think everyone wants to try curling. During the 2010 games, I was so inspired, I actually looked up curling clubs in North Carolina.

Lauren Zimmerman said...

I think he should get together with my husband, they'd have a grand ole time together!! I did get a great chuckle of of the idea of him whacking crabs with a 9 iron though!