Monday, February 3, 2014

Project #1: Over and Done

On Saturday, C & I tackled House Project #1 for 2014: painting our guest room. We currently have three spare bedrooms in the house and generally let guests crash wherever they like, but once there are kidlets running around and the two rooms upstairs are claimed, the basement bedroom will be the "official" guest room. There is a full bathroom in our basement, so that makes it perfect - guests can have their own space, shower and toilet included, and everyone is happy! This was definitely a selling point of the house for us, and I'm so glad we have the opportunity to use our space this way.

The original color in this room was a lovely forest / camouflage / mold green, and, as an added bonus, there were holes in ALL the walls - the family before us had hung stuff everywhere, generally with wall anchors, and the room just looked a mess. C spackled and sanded on Friday and moved as much of the stuff out of the room as he could. We got up bright and early Saturday morning to tape off the baseboards and move the rest of the stuff, and then we got the party started!

You can see a hint of the green walls in the upper left corner
We had almost a gallon of paint left from when we painted the main part of the basement, and we've like the color so well that we decided to use it in the guest room, too. The main basement gets a lot of natural light, and the guest room gets very little, so the colors actually look pretty different. I like the effect, because it makes it look like we picked coordinating-but-different colors, when, really, we just used what we had.

FYI - the color is Woodsmoke by Eddie Bauer.

A few hours and two coats of paint later, we had a bright, fresh new guest room! I love how clean the new paint looks, and having all the holes patched makes it look so much more put-together. I am excited to style the room and find a few pieces of furniture for it now! Time to actually turn that sad little room into a special place for our guests to stay.

Before and after

A better idea of what the color actually looks like
I'm planning on keeping the black and white bedspread, and planning to accent the room with white and turquoise or teal. Granted, this is all TBD, depending on what I find as I start to scour Pier 1 and Homegoods... looking forward to having a little freedom to do whatever I like!


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Three spare bedrooms? I just almost clicked out of here purely out of jealousy. Ahhh... can't wait until I'm out of the city and in a spacious home :) Love Homegoods and Pier 1 for decor :)

Lisa C said...

I like the new color. Much better than mold, haha.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Love it! I'm also so jealous that you have 3 spare bedrooms! That's definitely one thing our little house is lacking - we only have 2, and one will probably be used as a nursery eventually. So make that 1. Definitely not ideal, but we figured it would work for our little starter home! I love the color though! Maybe we can plan some Pier 1/Homegoods/TJMaxx trips soon, because our guest room is still totally empty!

Stay Crafty My Friends said...

Love that color, my room used to be that color and I loved it as well!