Monday, February 24, 2014

Travel Tales: The City of Brotherly Love

Man, this was a whirlwind weekend! Hard to believe it's already over. I feel like it was 5 PM on Friday just minutes ago... A weekend that flew by so quickly must have been full of fun, right?? You betcha!

On Friday night, C went down to Richmond to hang out with his buddies for the weekend, so I had the evening to myself. I would be lying if I said I didn't take advantage of the alone time and do some of the most girly, most cliche things possible: I took a bubble bath, complete with wine and candles and a book, I listened to old country music, I painted my nails, and I may or may not have finished off a container of Ben & Jerry's that I found hidden in the freezer. I then put myself to bed early and enjoyed a night of uninterrupted sleep with the entire bed to myself. I am not unhappy about how that evening went at all. It was delightful!

On Saturday morning, I got myself up, ready, and packed before hitting the road... it was off to Philadelphia! I picked up my friend, Sharon, on the way, and together we made the journey to the City of Brotherly Love. We made excellent time and made it to Lizzy's apartment by early afternoon. After dropping off our stuff and finding a parking spot for the weekend, the three of us set off towards Independence National Historical Park - home of the Liberty Bell! I'd never had an opportunity to be truly touristy in Philly, so we decided to take a few hours to see the sites. We walked all over the area, snapping pics of the various historical buildings and locations, skipping the long lines to actually SEE things like the Bell and Independence Hall. Thanks but no thanks - a picture from afar was enough for me! It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy, and we had fun walking all over the place.

Lizzy took us to the Second Bank Portrait Gallery to escape the wind for a bit, and we meandered through the exhibit viewing all sorts of famous people we learned about in elementary school.

On our way back to Lizzy's apartment, we walked through China Town and cut through Reading Terminal Market, passed by City Hall, and stopped to see the original "love" sculpture - turns out, the one in NYC isn't the first!

Back at Lizzy's apartment, we had a few minutes to relax before it was time to get ready to dinner. We had a reservation at Alma de Cuba, which turned out to be an amazing choice. Lizzy did a great job picking that one!! We enjoyed a leisurely meal with an appetizer and a few drinks, and I had salmon that was perfectly cooked at absolutely delicious. The ambiance of the restaurant was lively and fun, and the waitstaff was on point. We had a wonderful experience, and it's certainly a place I would return to. Following dinner, we made our way to a wine bar called Tria for a few drinks and more chatting. Tria is very small and it was crowded on a Saturday night, so things were a little awkward until we finally found a place to sit down. Once we had some seats, though, we were good to go! The wine was delicious, and while it was quite loud, it was a fun place to hang out for a bit.

The only pic of the three of us from the weekend...
awkward photo poses aside, the waitress got a cute one!
Back at Lizzy's apartment, we spent a few more hours chatting and drinking wine - it's amazing how long a couple of girls can spend rehashing high school and college and comparing notes on stories we all remember. It was so much fun to reminisce - and I am definitely reminded of how glad I am that all those years are behind us :)

On Sunday morning, we were treated to a delicious breakfast of smoothies and French toast, courtesy of Lizzy's husband. Can't beat that! We lounged around watching Food Network and drinking coffee for a while before Sharon and I decided it was time to hit the road. Good thing we left when we did, because the trip home, which should have taken a little under 4 hours, ended up taking 6! There were several big accidents, and everything was just a mess. Not exactly the best way to end a great weekend, but I figured it was karma since the trip up was so easy. Womp, womp.

Traffic issues aside, I had a wonderful weekend with some good friends, and it was just the kind of recharge I needed. There is truly no replacement for quality time with old girlfriends!

So tell me...
  • What do you like to do with friends to recharge?
  • What was the last out-of-town place you visited?
  • How was your weekend?


Lisa C said...

I love being touristy in cities. I'm planning a trip to Williamsburg when it warms up just for that reason!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Looks like a great trip!! I've never been to Philly before, but I've heard great things! And at least you all had pretty decent weather - poor PA has been so hammered with snow this year!

Tammy Jo said...

That looks like so much fun!! And what beautiful weather!!!