Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIAW: just use your imagination

I fully intended to participate  in WIAW this week... and then yesterday kind of got away from me. Whoops! I managed to get myself together about half the time, so you're just going to have to trust me on the rest. Considering this was the day after a snow day, we're lucky I had myself together at all. These random days away from work (while appreciated) totally throw my schedule off. But it's already Wednesday! So yay.

Thanks for the link-up, Jenn!

Breakfast was standard - banana and coffee. C was in charge of a Target run last weekend, and he came home with a treat: Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee K-cups! This is one of our very favorite coffees, but I generally try to get K-cups for a bit cheaper than Target sells them. Well, when you send your husband off shopping alone, who knows what gets thrown in the cart?! So I've been enjoying my coffee a little more than usual - it's so good!

My mid-morning snack was pretty standard, as well: yogurt wolfed down between meetings.

Totally failed to get a picture of my lunch, but that is probably for the best - it definitely wasn't pretty. I had some leftover spaghetti squash from dinner on Monday, which I mixed with basic marinara, and some tuna salad that I threw together with red onion, pickle, Greek yogurt, and a little light mayo. It was good, but I felt obligated to eat alone in my cubical because it was so stinky! Ahh... work lunches.

I don't usually do this, but I had to give in to a treat going around the office:


My curiosity totally got the best of me - and it was worth it, because that cookie was delicious! It really did taste like birthday cake.

I forgot to get a picture of my pre-gym snack, but I ate a Weight Watchers string cheese in the car on the way to yoga. My tummy was rumbling when we got home from work, and I needed something to hold me over! The cheese did the trick while I vinyasa'd for an hour.

I got home to a delicious dinner - salsa chicken burritos! Our crockpot totally kicked the bucket a few weeks ago (RIP, old friend) and I'd been feeling a bit like I'd lost a limb without it (over dramatic much?...). We rely on it so much during the week! Luckily, my sweet aunt promptly sent us a new one as a housewarming gift, and it arrived on Monday, so we had to test it out! Salsa chicken never fails. We wrapped the filling in flour tortillas with a little cheddar melted on top, and paired it with (un-pictured) side salads while watching The Voice (battle rounds - hooray!).

I was one happy camper! And looking forward to leftovers for lunch today already. I'm so happy to have a working crock-pot again!

So tell me...
  • What's one kitchen appliance you can't live without? Obvi mine is my crock-pot...
  • What are you watching on TV right now? C & I both love the Voice and kind of hate American Idol.


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

I'm totally with you on the crock pot thing. I actually have 3 (all different sizes, because well, you never know), and I think if they all died at once I'd curl into a little ball in my closet and weep like a weirdo. So I feel you. Looks like a great day of eats though - especially that salsa chicken!

Kadee Cramer said...

Can I pick two? Because I really don't want to have to go without my crockpot OR my mini ninja food chopper thing. (I'm sure that's the official name!) I use them both sooo much! I love those Oreo's, too. Soo good.

Lisa C said...

When we move again, I'm upgrading to the Crock Pots that plug into each other. I really want to be able to make multiple dishes at one time.

Jessie Gipe said...

Oreos! Have you tried the cookie dough or rice krispy ones yet? Both are fabulous... and addicting :-X Ha Ha. I could never live w/o my blender, waffle maker & keurig.