Monday, April 7, 2014

Delicious dinner & yard surprises

This weekend was everything that weekends are supposed to be. Relaxation, organization, delicious food, quality time with quality people, and sunshine! I am sporting my first (minor) sunburn of the season this morning, thanks to a few hours of yard work and a little porch-sittin' yesterday afternoon - and I'm not even mad! It's a lingering reminder of all the good stuff we soaked up over the past few days.

A quick picture recap, because seeing is believing!

As promised, Friday night was date night! C & I enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local cafe, complete with live music and no phones or TVs. Just what we needed!

Saturday morning was dedicated to organizing the pantry. We had to pull everything out while the painters were working last week, and I refused t put anything back in until we could do it with some thought and planning. Everything sort of got thrown in there when we moved in last August, and it definitely needed some work. I browsed every aisle of Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target on Saturday morning, and came home armed with a system. It took us several hours, but we are so happy with the results! Now, maintaining this system is another story...

We had plans with my parents for Saturday evening, and they came down early so my mom and I could squeeze in a run. We hit the pavement at the nearby battlefield and got in a great workout together. It was beautiful and breezy - just how I like it! PS: Have you used the FitSnap app? It's a fun way to track workouts right in the moment. I just discovered it the weekend & look forward to using it more!

We decided to take my parents out to dinner to thank them for paying for the painting (a lovely housewarming gift, indeed) and I made a reservation at a local restaurant we hadn't tried yet. It was definitely a good pick! Our dinner at Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen was one of the most memorable restaurant meals I've had in a long time - can't wait to share more about this amazing local treasure. I chose the salmon served over shrimp risotto for my entree, and was in foodie heaven. It was insane! I practically licked my plate clean. Yum!

On Sunday morning, we went out to breakfast at the same cafe where C & I had our date (Amy's - love it so much we went 2x in one weekend!). It was a good thing we had a big, hearty meal, because when we got home, we decided that some spur-of-the-moment yard work was in order. Several hours and 16 17 gigantic trash bags later, we had done major clean-up damage in the back yard. Everything was in alright shape when we moved in at the end of last summer, but it needed some major TLC, and we just didn't have the time last fall to do everything that needed to be done. No time like the present! We cut back trees, cleaned our flower beds, raked up a bajillion pine needles, and fertilized the lawn. Very glad to have that all taken care of!

We couldn't waste any of the beautiful day, so C & I wrapped up the weekend with a grill meal: steak and asparagus, plus a mayo-less potato salad. It was the perfect dinner to enjoy while we watched the ACMs. Anyone else see the show? I thought it was great! There are some really talented country musicians out there right now, and I am loving seeing how the careers progress (also, I'm really glad that Taylor Swift isn't dominating the scene any more!).

One last picture for the day... I have a running list of what I call "Yard Surprises" - you never know what you'll find in a new yard, left behind by the previous owners. This was definitely one I appreciated:

So tell me...

  • Do you have a favorite local eatery? We love all the options near us that aren't chain restaurants!
  • Did you fit in a workout this weekend? Tell me about it! I'm so happy that it's outdoor running season again.


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

You know I love just about every restaurant in downtown Fredericksburg (PS - next Tuesday is a Hokie event at Castiglias if you all are interested!). But looks like an awesome weekend! Yay for yard work and organizing! I need you to come do my pantry too please! haha. Also, I'm definitely going to have to try out this fitsnap app!

Lisa C said...

I'm going to love running outside now that the weather is warming up. And I'm always looking for new places to run. The W&OD trail is getting a bit old.

A Fabulous Florentine said...
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