Monday, April 14, 2014

Richmond restaurants: two new loves

We went down to Richmond on Friday afternoon to visit with some friends of ours, and while we were there, I had two of the most delicious meals. Y'all know how I feel about food and good restaurants, so I just have to share these experiences with you. If you ever find yourself in RVA (or live there and haven't tried these spots), I highly recommend stopping in!

Dinner on Friday night was at The Daily Kitchen and Bar on Cary Street. We got there around a little after 7 and were told that there would be a 45-minute wait (not unexpected). We grabbed drinks at the bar and prepared to hang out for a bit... well, wouldn't you know, our table was ready before we'd even finished that round! I think we ended up waiting just 20 minutes in the end - worth it! We shared the fried calamari appetizer (delicious, and I'm not a huge fan to start with) before choosing entrees. My eyes fell on the blackened fish tacos and my choice was made! There were lots of things on the menu that looked appealing, and I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed anything I chose. The fish tacos were fantastic, though, and I loved the homemade hot sauce - it added just the right amount of kick. Our waitress was friendly but efficient, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was casual and lively. It was a nice night out, and we were seated near the patio with the doors wide open. I greatly enjoyed our meal, and would happily go back and try their brunch!

For brunch on Saturday, we ended up with our Plan B - and it was perfect! We tried to go to The Pig and Pearl, but got there around 10 AM, only to find that they don't open til 11 on Saturdays (ummm... what? Odd decision, if you ask me). So, on to the next place... The Black Sheep! Personally, I'm thrilled that is where we ended up, because it was amazing! The Black Sheep is a small, hole-in-the-wall kinda place, near the campus of VCU, tucked away off the main roads. We were seated immediately for breakfast, and started with coffee and Bloody Marys (a brunch necessity, amirite?) The coffee was hot and the Bloody Mary was spicy (though I'd have liked another dash of hot sauce), and both were exactly what I needed. For breakfast, I chose the No Mas Huevos Neuvos - and I am not embarrased to admit that I cleaned my plate. The dish is described on their menu as, "Two eggs served with a wheatberry & black bean chili. Topped with an avocado salsa, served over a griddled jalapeƱo gritcake. Served with toasted baguette. (Add carnitas for $2.)" You better believe I added the carnitas, and was very pleased with that choice. This is one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten! Again, everything on the menu looked delicious, and I'd love to go back and try lunch and / or dinner. Yum!

I truly love discovering new dining experiences, and was thrilled that we were able to try not one, but two delightful restaurants during our quick trip to the city. Like I said, definitely add these to your "must try" list - or tell if you've tried either of them before! I am always looking for new recommendations and meals to try, so if you have any suggestions of places we should go, let me know!

Andddd because there hasn't been a cat picture here in several days, at least, I'll leave you with this:

We took a trip to the vet on Friday afternoon, and the most pitiful cat on the planet decided he was safer sitting in the sink than on the table while we waited for his test results to come back. Just look at that face! Pathetic. :)

So tell me...

  • Favorite restaurant? Do you prefer chain places or holes-in-the-wall (no idea how to make that plural appropriately...)
  • What was the best thing you ate this weekend?
  • Does your pet act like the vet is the worst place in the world?! (Honestly, you'd think being in his cage was a death sentence.)


Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

Other than Durham, Richmond is probably my favorite food city! You hit up two of our favorite spots! We actually tried a new place this week, the Savory Grain, which is right next to The Pearl & the Pig. Oh, my gosh, they had perogies filled with vermont cheddar mashed potatoes. So good, and the two cocktails were out of this world! Their macaroni was overrrated, though. haha And we wanted brunch there, but also noticed the 11 am opening. We tried 3 other spots with same result or the wait was too long and we had to head out of town. We ended up in Shockoe Bottom at the Urban Farmhouse. I love that area and they have killer mimosas. but my french toast was meh.

Aileen Metcalf said...

Definitely hole-in-the-walls! Nate and I don't really eat at chains. We were actually in RVA on Saturday and ate at Burger Bach - it was great!

And Clem hates the vet with a passion. She acts timid and cowers under my seat. It makes me feel like a bad dog mom, like they think I beat my dog lol.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Poor Mac! Laney actually loves the vet (so many people to love on her!) until they take her temperature. Then she comes back out acting like she was violated and hides behind us like everyone is now out to get her.

Both of those meals sound DELICIOUS though! I haven't tried nearly enough restaurants in Richmond!

Lisa C said...

Ooh, I need to visit Richmond more. I've only actually been once but have driven through it lots. And my cat likes to hide on the exam table. Where are you trying to go?