Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday shenanigans

Yesterday was my darling husband's 27th birthday - we're the same age again! To celebrate, we both took the day off, and spent almost the entire day completely work-free! (A minor miracle.) I surprised him with cupcakes and some other treats before breakfast - I firmly believe that everyone should have cake on their birthday.

I told C that we could spend our day of "hooky" doing anything he wanted to do - my only wish for the day was to spend it together and have fun! He decided that he wanted to go to a movie and go bowling... so off we went!

We joined lots of parents with kiddos for a matinee showing of How to Train Your Dragon 2 - and I'm not at all embarrassed to say that we loved it! The first HTTYD is one of our favorite animated movies, and we were excited to have a chance to see the second one at the theater. It was such a cute movie, and a treat to be at the actual theater instead of waiting for it to come to Redbox!

After the movie, we ventured to Splitsville, the bowling alley next door, for a couple of games. Once again, we were probably the only adults there without kids... but we didn't care!

We were thrilled to discover that they offer $2 bowling on Tuesdays - if you can't find us on a random Tuesday after this, you know where we'll be! We both like bowling, but rarely go... I don't know why. More bowling is in our future! This particular bowling alley is considered "luxury lanes," and is beautiful inside! Each set of lanes has a designated waiter or waitress to bring you anything you'd like to order from their amazing menu and / or bar, and there are flat screen TVs all over the place showing other sports and TV shows. It was so much fun!

Why yes... I do own my own bowling shoes!
Look at that form... :)

We made a quick pit stop to the mall so I could take advantage of Bath and Body Works's semi-annual sale (gimme all the candles!) and then we followed that with a beer at one of our favorite watering holes, Park Lane Tavern. Dinner last night was take-out from Castiglia's, a local Italian restaurant that we love, and we concluded the day by lounging on the couch, flipping back and forth between a movie on FX and the Nationals game. Just the way my sweet husband likes it! C said that this was one of his favorite birthdays in recent memory... I'd say the day was a success!

Happy birthday, my love!


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Happy birthday to C! Looks like you guys had an amazing day!! We LOVE $2 Tuesdays at Splitsville (we used to go ALL the time), and I'm super impressed by your bowling shoes. We definitely need to double date there sometime!

Lisa C said...

Sounds like a good way to play hooky. If only that bowling alley wasn't so far away...

Sam @ said...

I am always a fan of playing hooky...especially on birthdays!! I totally miss Muvico/Splitsville...I loved being able to get food and drinks during the movie at the adult theater and the seats are SO comfortable (although How to train your dragon was probably not playing in that theater hahah) We don't have anything like that in Pensacola