Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday: concerts, candles, and still coughing...

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you've had a great last week of June. I'm still battling this nasty cold... which has transformed itself into a lovely-sounding chest cough. Cute, right? Happy summer to me. I should probably just start investing in Mucinex - it's the only thing that seems to be helping at all!

Any-hoo. Thought I'd pop in for a quick, really random version of Five for Friday - it's been a while since I had a good one! Here's a few things that are on my mind today.


1 // I finally finished this book yesterday, and I'm so glad I did. I started reading it over a year ago, and found it fascinating but also very, very dense - not a light and easy read! I committed to finishing the second half of it this week, and it definitely picked up as it moved along. It is fascinating subject matter, and very well written. [sidenote: the Google just told me that a film adaptation could be in the works... ooooooh.] Looking forward to Erik Larson's next book on my list: The Devil in the White City, which I've heard is also amazing. Anyone read it?


2 // I took my first-ever BodyJam class at the gym last night, and let's just say that my moves did NOT look like those people in that picture above. BodyJam is a dance-based, Les Mills cardio class, which focuses on learning a couple of quick "routines" throughout the class. I really enjoyed it, but felt a smidge rusty when it came to my movements. The fact that I was ever a "real" dance is hilarious - you wouldn't have been able to tell if you saw me last night!

3 // Picked up this candle from Bath and Body Works this week, and I am obbbseessssseeddddd! I want to climb inside it and live there all summer. It smells amazing!


4 // We bought tickets to see Jennifer Nettles in concert later this summer, and the tickets came in the mail this week! I am SO EXCITED to see her live again - the Sugarland concert that C & I went to a couple summers ago was one of my favorites, ever. She is amazing - so talented, so funny, so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing her at a new-to-us venue, too - Richmond International Raceway Amphitheater. It's sure to be a great event!

5 // I am drawing a complete blank on a fifth thing... so I'm outta here! Happy weekend, friends - hope it's wonderful!


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Ok I just finished my current book as well and now I'm in search of a new one! I'll have to check out that candle (I'm borderline obsessed with candles and people rave over the B&B ones!) Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Megan @ Megan's Hobby Corner said...

Devil in the White City is so much more readable than In the Garden of Beasts. I loved them both, but I agree Garden of Beasts was dense. I absolutely flew through Devil in the White City - I hope you try it!

Lisa C said...

I bought the sun-kissed vineyard candle from B&BW. Their new candle smell really good.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I haven't read any of Erik Larsen's books but will need to check this one out now- thanks!