Monday, July 28, 2014

five words for the weekend

blackberries remind me of Grandpa

last-minute inspection; passed (expensively)

fresh hair means feeling fabulous

experimental kale chips - not disappointed

couldn't skip national tequila day

summer evening: wine, friends, music

produce extravaganza from relay foods

it is harder than you might expect to caption each picture with just five words!
Happy Monday, friends.


Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

love this post idea!!! It is super creative!

Aileen @ Morsels and Moonshine said...

As you know, I love Relay Foods! We just got back from our trip and there was NO WAY I wanted to go to the grocery store. I order my entire grocery list from them so I could pick it up today haha. Winning!

I haven't made kale chips for a while, but I love them. I have a dehydrator and then turn out so well! I'll have to start making them again!

Lisa C said...

Love the new hair!

Lisa C said...
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