Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frost like a pro

Allow me to brag for just a moment: I'm pretty good at frosting cupcakes. I've got mad skillz, as the children would say. Or something like that. Last week, when I brought my banana cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting to work, I had several different people ask me where I bought them, before tasting, just based on how they looked! Like I said, talent.

Anyway. I thought I'd share my secret with you today. It's really one of the easiest tricks in the baking book. Master this one, and you, too, can frost cupcakes like a professional! (Really, though - if you haven't tried this, you should!)

Once you've made your frosting (use whatever buttercream recipe you like, but make sure it's good and thick), get a large Ziplock baggie and set it up in a cup (I used a 2-cup measuring cup because I'd made a large batch of frosting; could also use a coffee cup or whatever). Make sure one corner of the bag is down in the cup so that most of Fill the baggie with frosting. I usually stick the whole cup in the fridge for a bit at this point, because it can be a little warm from all the mixing and moving. Good to let it chill for a few minutes.

Once chilled, take the bag out of the cup, smoosh all the frosting into the corner as best you can, and then gather the top of the baggie like a standard pastry bag. Use scissors to cut the corner off the Baggie - make a pretty good sized cut, so that you get a nice flow of frosting. (Hint: It's generally better to make a small cut and see how much frosting comes out, then cut more as necessary.)

You're ready to frost! Using a smooth motion, start on the outer edge of the cupcake and frost your way in. I use one fluid movement so that the look is smooth. It might take a few tries to get the motion right, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. You can do it!


Lisa C said...

I'm not good at frosting. You definitely need good homemade frosting to get this look. I also think I always overfill the bags and just make a mess.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

I'm actually a horrendous froster (which probably goes well with the fact that I'm not a great baker either), but maybe I need to try this next time! I need some mad skillz too!

Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats said...

That's how I frost cupcakes too! They always wind up looking great! :)

Timi said...

This is great! I have caused enough messes in my time to just give up on icing. Maybe I will try again. I am on my way over to the icing recipe. The pictures are making my mouth water! Thanks for posting!

By the way- You had come by my blog a while back and asked if I had a recipe for the fudge pops I wrote about. I recently posted it! If you want to try them out they are ready and waiting. Thanks again! :)