Friday, July 11, 2014

oh hey friday!

I am actually somewhat shocked that today is Friday.... this week has FLOWN by! We had a big two-day meeting at work that we spent the first half of the week prepping for and the second half conducting, so the days just blurred together and next thing I know, we're done! Whew. Love weeks that go like that.

As if a quick week wasn't nice enough, I spent the evening with some girlfriends last night at Vivify, sitting on the rooftop sharing a pitcher of white sangria and listening to music. It was like a scene from a movie... until the wind kicked up and the lightening started! Yikes. An early end to girls' night... but still fun to get some time with some sweet ladies!

And now, without further adieu.... a quick Five for Friday! Here's some snapshots from this week.

1 // Add this to the list of #yardsurprises! My lilies started blooming this week - one whole side of the house is covered in these stunning pink flowers! They are as big as my whole hand, and smell amazing. What a treat!

2 // I whipped up a batch of these chocolate and peanut butter swirl brownies for a co-worker's birthday this week - SO GOOD. I will definitely put that recipe in my back pocket to make again! Everyone at work raved about them, and they were super easy to make. Another win for my girl, Betty Crocker.

3 // I love, love, love summer beers. We've been trying some news ones, and I am finding some new favorites! This one was the Sierra Nevada summer brew. Yum!

4 // Awkward selfie time - had to document the fact that I wore my big girl suits this week! You'll almost never find me in a suit... every day is NOT a job interview, my friends. However, the meetings we were conducting called for me to pull out the big guns. Proof that I can dress like an adult!

5 // Picked up a stack of books from the library this week - excited for some new reads! I have heard really good things about a couple of these, and a couple are random library finds. I had forgotten how much of a thrill I get from carrying a pile of books out of the library. Nerd alert. Don't care!

Have a great weekend!

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Sam @ said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!! What a nice surprise! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Lisa C said...

Are those Asiatic lilies? They are stunning!

Meghan said...

Don't you hate wearing a skirt suit? Blugh! But sometimes, you just gotta suck it up and do it.

Jessica Robinson said...

Stopping by from the link up. Those brownies sound incredible & those lilies are beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats said...

Let us know how you like those reads! I'm always on the lookout for new books!