Monday, August 4, 2014

Manic Mobile Monday

I might have to start a new thing called Mobile Monday... I had every intention of getting a post together for this morning, but before I know it, the day is almost over! The hours just fly by. Manic Monday is DEFINITELY real. Whew. 

We had a super busy weekend that was filled with quality time with family and friends, so I can't complain about that. I can, however, complain about how my weekend started: with a visit to the dermatologist, which I left with one less mole than I began. Womp, womp. A spot on my hand was deemed "weird" by the doctor, and next thing I knew, it was being removed for further testing. See ya, spot!

Pain in my hand aside, I can't actually complain about the appointment. The office was nice, the doctor was friendly and knowledgeable, and she was very proactive about skin care. Check, check, and check! So there's my PSA for the day: if you haven't had your skin checks lately, stop everything and make an appointment! It is so very important. 

Another notable weekend activity was a major yard project: bush removal! I have hated the boxwood bushes in front of our house since the day we moved in, so I got it in my head that we should remove them. Let me just say this: ripping out gigantic hedges is not as simple as one might believe. 

Luckily, I put together my dream team (my parents and husband are awesome) (not at all by bribing them with wine and food...) and together we ripped those suckers out. It may or may not have involved attaching a rope to my mom's Lexus and tying it around a bush and yanking it out of the ground... We're classy, y'all. At the end of the day, though, I was freaking thrilled with the results. You can actually see my front porch! Hooray! I am really lucky I got help though... Because, in retrospect, I have no idea how I thought I was going to handle that alone. It was a much bigger project than I anticipated! 

Our final activity of the weekend was attending a crab fest hosted by the local chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.

 It was so much fun, and made me simultaneously happy and sad. Happy, because it's almost time for college football to come back! But sad, because it was a "freshman send-off" event for local kids who are heading down to Blacksburg to start their college career.. And I am so jealous!! What I wouldn't give to be starting those four years over again. They don't know how lucky they are! Sob. 

Anyway, we ate crabs, drank beer, and enjoyed the great company of fellow Hokies - can't beat that for a Sunday afternoon! 

C and I are looking forward to getting more involved with the alumni club - it's such a great organization, and I love meeting people who love my alma mater as much as I do. Hokie Nation, baby!

So tell me...
  • Have you ever tackled a home-improvement project that turned out harder than you expected?
  • Are you involved with your college alumni club?
  • Are you a crab eater? I LIKE crab, but I really don't like working so hard for my food...!


Lisa C said...

If y'all feel like driving, The Key Play does official meet-ups for games at bars in Arlington!

Jamie Danielle said...

My husband has an appt at the end of this month to have spots checked.
I'm next :(
Freaks me out!!!

S Ganeeban said...

I avoid all home-improvement projects at all costs ;) I'm part of our local chapter of the Alumni Association for my college and have attended a few events. I'm more apt to attend if drinking is involved ;) Oh, crab feeds are the BEST, I go to at least one a year, preferably three!! xoxo, ganeeban

The Lady Okie said...

I don't even know if my college has an alumni club! Maybe I should look into that...
Good thing you got your skin checked! That's a good reminder to be aware.