Wednesday, September 10, 2014

so. much. stuff.

I'm not sure if it's the changing seasons or the fact that I'm getting a little older or just being in a phase in life, but lately, when I look around the house, all I can see is clutter. There just seems to be stuff everywhere. I go through what C calls "tornado Lindsay" moments where I spend 10 or 15 crazy minutes trying to put everything away, but it seems like the next time I turn around, every surface is covered again. Know what I mean?

This summer was a busy one for us - if we weren't going somewhere, we had major weekend plans, or I was traveling for work (even though I'm home on the weekends, those business trips are exhausting and I just don't get enough done afterwards!) - so the little things around the house have kind of fallen by the wayside.

We are moving into fall, and my brain is starting to feel cluttered, too. It's time to try to tame the mess! We have a couple of weekends with very few plans ahead of us, so I'm determined to try to get things in order. Anyone have any great tips or tricks for every-day "life hacks" or ways to avoid the constant clutter? I'm talking closets, bedroom, living room, kitchen table... I'd love to see the top of my kitchen table again! I'm beginning to forget what it looks like!

After a good, thorough "put it all away" session, I'm planning to do a total overhaul of our closet. It is definitely time for C and I to both go through everything we own and start clearing it all out. Also, that's the only way I can justify buying new clothes - my drawers are currently jam-packed, but I hardly wear most of what's in there! Time to get rid of all the things just taking up space. I love the idea of splitting everything into three or four categories (i.e., keep, trash, donate) - so we will probably start there and go through every item of clothing we own. If nothing else, that would certainly be a start!

[source: Pintrest]
[source: Pintrest]
Something's gotta change soon.. because I'm about to lose my mind! And this is before we even have kids. It's just the two of us! (If you didn't immediately repeat that in song-form in your head, we may not be able to stay friends...) I swear I don't belong on Hoarders - but some days, I feel like I might! 

So tell me...
  • What's your best de-clutter trick?
  • How do you keep your house from not looking like a total disaster, all the time?
  • How often do you clean out your closets?


Lisa C said...

I suggest going room by room and pacing yourself, so you won't get too overwhelmed. For your closets, try to clean them out twice a year. Also, sort your mail the day you get it. Junk mail piles up really quickly over the course of a week.

Amy said...

Earlier in the year I pledged to get rid of five things every day, just to keep it simple. It was going well until I got out of the habit - I definitely need to start again. We aren't messy people in general, but we keep everything!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I'm with you! I never got around to major spring cleaning so should probably do it for fall.