Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All about the mon-ay - and a good cause!

When I am deciding whether or not to run a particular race, there are a number of factors that go into my decision. Surprisingly enough, I am not only concerned about the bling (though very important), the course (more important, I suppose), or the option of a post-race beer (most important, if I’m being honest!) – I’m also thinking about the time commitments required and what the money looks like.

One of my favorite medals - OBX Half

Race registration fees tend to be… uhh… not cheap. So when I see the $$ signs next to the name of a race that I’m interested in, I’m immediately curious as to where that money is going. Is it being pocketed by the company sponsoring the race? Is there a really cool medal or nice T-shirt in it for me? Are they going to feed me post-race? What, exactly, are you doing with my dollars once I register?

Nice bling from the Marine Corps Historic Half

Ideally, I like to run races where some or all of the registration money goes back to the community – I like races that support charities, and it makes me even happier if the money goes to a local charity or cause. When a representative from Carpenter’s Shelter in Alexandria, VA, reached out to me and asked if I might be willing to talking about their upcoming Run for Shelter in a blog post, I was more than happy to oblige.

Per the representative from the shelter, here is some info about Carpenter’s and the race:

Carpenter’s Shelter and Pacers Events is proud to bring back the Run for Shelter 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run, an event dedicated to ending homelessness in the DC area. 

The race, scheduled for 8am on Saturday November 22nd, will be an out-and-back on Eisenhower Avenue (Metro accessible on the Yellow line). 

Carpenter's Shelter has been helping homeless individuals and families achieve sustainable independence through shelter, guidance, education, and advocacy since 1988. 90% of the shelter graduates never again return to homelessness. 

Registration is $35 and all runners will receive a technical shirt. Fastest overall men and women for the 10k and 5k will receive the following prizes: 1st place - $100, 2nd place - $75, 3rd place - $50.

Homelessness is a major issue in our area, and something that, because I work in the city, I see personally every single day. I am faced regularly with people asking for money, for food, for help of any type. It is heart-breaking, and I don’t begin to know nearly enough about the topic to truly do it justice here – but I do know that when I can help in some way, I do. All proceeds from the Run for Shelter benefit Carpenter’s Shelter, which is actually the largest homeless shelter in Northern Virginia. That’s a race I can get behind.

I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just wanted to spread awareness about a local cause and a local race, for any of my readers nearby looking for their next challenge. I’ll be paying my $35 registration fee from my own pocket, and I’ll be running the 10K on November 22nd – I’d love to see you there!

Register now for the 2014 Run for Shelter! 

I've created a group named Typically Late on the registration page - if you decide to run the race, register as part of the group so I can see who's going to join in! Maybe we can organize a get-together afterwards or something :) It'll be fun!

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Lisa C said...

I really like the Rock'n'Roll series of races. Each race supports a philanthropic cause (normally, a hospital or charity in the area). You have the option to fundraise beyond your registration fee, too.