Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday in Motor City

Hello from the great state of Michigan! I flew into Detroit last night and spent the night at one of my favorite hotels (the Westin in the airport) before starting a full week of meetings today. I have seen my fair share of hotels in the last few months, and they have ranged from grimy to gorgeous. The Westin has proven to be one of the (much) nicer ones - though I really can't believe they want to charge $10 to use the wifi. It's 2014, dudes! That's my only complaint. 

The neighborhood I grew up in held its annual Chili Cook-off this past Saturday, and since C was out of town visiting some friends, I headed up to spend the day with my family. It was a perfect fall afternoon, with just a hint of wind and clouds, and the 12 types of chili being made were the ideal complement! We had so much fun. 

C and I went on a date on Friday night before he left - we were planning to stay in and cook dinner, but when I realized that Fury had just opened, we had to go. We both love movies like that - historical action types - and we thought it was a really good film. Technology has come so far, and war movies are just so accurate these days. Amazing. 

Before the movie, we got dinner at our favorite local Mexican place. Yes, we were the young couple ordering the "fajitas for 2" special at 5 pm. 20s going on 70s. It happens. 

It was a great weekend, and good to spend some time with my love and my family before a week away from home.  My current biggest issue is that I didn't realize how cold it already is in Michigan!! I didn't bring the right clothes for this.... Whoops. I might find myself being the proud new owns of a Michigan sweatshirt from the airport... Just what I need! Ha :)

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Lisa C said...

We're with you in the old married couples category. We refuse to order the same meals at a restaurant but will totally split two meals.