Monday, November 3, 2014

Hallo-weekend by the numbers

I need a weekend to recover from Hallo-weekend. My brain is not quite functioning up to par yet, so I'm light on words today. Inspired by this post from P!nkPers!stence today, I thought it would be best to just sum up this weekend with some numbers. Let's see...

8: hours in the car back and forth

336: miles driven

3: cases of beer consumed
2: the number of points we lost the game by

4: cab rides back and forth from downtown
45: degrees it was during the game
34: degrees it felt like with the wind chill

1: cell phones temporarily lost (it was under the bed)

4: people who took long afternoon naps and nursed hangovers on Sunday

2: nights downtown pretending we were in college again

1: margarita the size of my head

7: number of times I was carded buying alcohol

1: number of times I was not carded buying alcohol

1: number of orders of fried pickles consumed

3: videos of me "nerdy dancing" that will never be seen on the internet

105%: amount I miss my college town


Aileen Metcalf said...

So freakin' cute. I love it!!!

Lisa C said...

Blacksburg is always a good time. Now I need some El Rod's.