Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coffee Talk #6

It is a miserable day here in the DC area - the temperature dropped 30 degrees from what it was yesterday, and it's  been pouring rain on and off all day. It's soggy, cold, and grey out there... what better day for a coffee talk post??

I've been dying to get to Starbucks to try one of their Chestnut Praline lattes, but haven't had a chance yet. So, if you and I were to meet up for coffee this afternoon, you can bet your booty that that's what would be in my red cup. What would be in yours? What would we talk about? What's on your mind?

  • Did you do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? I got a couple of great deals on things that I was already looking for (sticking to my lists this year!) and even got a couple of dollars back from Ebates. Do you shop with Ebates? It's free money! Every penny counts, especially around the holidays - and no one is paying me to say that, I just genuinely believe in passing along sites that help a shopper out! (that IS a referral link, but you know what I mean!)
  • We decorated our tree on Sunday night, and I'm just waiting for a Toby-related catastrophe. So far he has only climbed about halfway up it when we are looking... but I have no idea what happens when we're not home! Fingers crossed that he learns to stay away from it and we can keep it up. #kittenproblems
  • I used the leftover turkey that my mama sent home with my to make turkey noodle casserole on Sunday night... I want to crawl inside the casserole dish and live there forever. Dramatic, maybe, but that is some good eats.
  • Did you see yesterday's post about the Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies link-up that I'm co-hosting with Sorority Life to Army Wife?? It's going to be so much fun! I hope you'll pick a few days to join in on the fun - don't feel like you have to commit to all 12 or nothing! We just want to share recipes and have a good time. Link up!
  • I'm currently driving a rental car because I got rear-ended before Thanksgiving... bah humbug. Luckily, insurance is covering all the repairs, and no one was hurt, so it's not a big deal. However, my rental car is a new-ish hybrid Prius... and I pretty much feel like I'm driving a space ship every time I get behind the wheel! There are so many buttons and lights and fancy features that my (not very old) car just doesn't have.
  • Are you a Richmond or NoVa bride (or were you?)? If so, I need a huge favor! My blog-friend, Anna, from Chasing Young, is dreaming up an awesome resource for local brides, and currently conducting a survey to gather feedback and information from girls who've gotten married in the area. Would you please take a few minutes and take her survey? It's located here. Thank you!!
  • I forgot to say anything about this before but ummmm Virginia Tech beat Boo-VA in the Commonwealth Cup game on Friday night and YEAAHHHHH! It was a heart-attack of a game and definitely not a guaranteed win given the horrendous season my Hokies have had - but they pulled it off and we retain ownership of the Cup for the 11th year in a row! LOVE IT.
  • If you're looking for a really nice holiday music station to listen to on Pandora, try Peaceful Holiday radio. It's largely instrumental, with a variety of takes on all the classic songs. It's just the right thing for a little background noise at work or to listen to on the train in the mornings. Enjoy!
  • SPEAKING of listening... I know I'm several nine weeks late to the party, but I started listening to Serial. Ob-sessed. Anyone else listening?? I'm also kind of fascinated by the website and associated documents and artifacts that can be seen there. This sort of true-crime mystery is right up my alley (I realize that's kind of weird. It's true, though!)

I have a feeling that, by this time, our coffee would be starting to get cold, and we'd both be realizing we had somewhere to be or something to do. Thank you for our conversation - it was a welcome break from a bleak Tuesday afternoon! Til next time, friend.


Allison Skeer said...

Those Chestnut Praline Lattes are SO good! I tried one on Saturday and it was absolutely delicious. And we would talk about how we are supposed to be reading a book for book club and I have yet to pick up a book, and also how we are both up for promotion and how great we are! :)

Aileen Metcalf said...

My friend Allie, the GSR analyst, was just telling me about Serial! Like 30 seconds ago. Although it's similar to her line of work, she says she's addicted!

Do you have to link up for all 12 days, or can I do it on random days? I'm not sure what's on my schedule for this week for blogging.

And I hope Toby stays out of your tree :-)

Lisa Cohe said...

#11inarow. We're going bowling!

Anna Young said...

Lindsay you are so amazing for spreading the word--thank you!! We still need to meet for real sometime soon--we certainly live close enough. Maybe a Starbucks date? :)

Sharon Cooper said...

I had a venti pumpkin skinny latte with an extra shot and no whip thank you on the way to my LAST class this afternoon whoop whoop and so am done earning 90 recert points that I needed before this spring!!! Whew. Oh yay I can keep on working now!!

Kate @ Like American Honey said...

Boo for crappy weather and car accidents! :( At least you have your tree up, so it's lovely once you get inside!!

Jessica said...

I haven't had the Chestnut Praline Latte yet, it sounds good though! I usually go for a plan latte :)

Kim Hunter said...

Seems like you've been on a heady stream of adventures there. It's nice that you winded up with a Prius ride, though the circumstances with which you got there is kind of terrible. No one deserves to be on a receiving end of an apparently erring vehicle, and yet carry the brunt of the consequence. Well, I hope you're faring better now. Take care!

Kim Hunter @ Kim Hunter Law