Friday, December 5, 2014

Five for Friday: ornaments on my tree

I absolutely love the look of color-coordinated, perfectly decorated Christmas trees... in other peoples' homes. In our house, we believe in a tree that tells tales - covered in ornaments that have stories and memories attached to them. C & I both grew up in homes with trees that were covered in art projects and school pictures and "baby's first" ornaments, and we have continued that tradition in our own house.

When we started dating, we started collecting ornaments from places that we go together. That's generally our "souvenir" from almost anywhere - we don't buy much of anything else, but we always try to find a Christmas ornament. Plus, both of our sets of parents have handed-down lots of family ornaments, so our tree is truly eclectic. I love it! Decorating the tree is always a trip down memory lane, and I can't wait to share those stories and memories with our kids some day.

For this week's Five for Friday, I thought I'd share five of my favorite ornaments that C and I have added to our tree. It's not necessarily my TOP five, just five that I really like. Could I ever truly pick a favorite ornament?! Methinks not.

1 // Jennette's Pier in the Outer Banks is a special place for C's family, and a visit there during the family vacation is a long-standing tradition. The first year that I was included in that trip, we bought an ornament. This ornament always reminds me of becoming a part of C's family, and how welcomed I have always been into their traditions and lives.

2 // During our honeymoon to Jekyll Island, we visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Had to pick up a reminder from that amazing day and week!

3 // When we moved into our first house together, my sister gifted us this sweet Virginia Tech ornament. She added our last name above the door for us - it's true, we are a Hokie home all year long!

4 // We received several beautiful ornaments as gifts to commemorate the year we were married, but this traditional Lenox wedding ornament is definitely one of my favorites. It's a classic! My parents have always had a similar one on their tree, and it's lasted over 30 years. Fingers crossed ours lasts just as long!

5 // We picked up this golden leaf ornament in Idaho last year while we were visiting my grandma for Christmas. It has a real maple leaf inside it, encased in 14k gold. It's gorgeous and sparkly (holiday requirement!) and reminds me of a place I love that I enjoyed sharing with C.

How do you decorate your tree? Do you collect ornaments? Do you have a theme? What's your favorite ornament on your tree?

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Kate @ Like American Honey said...

I love this!! We also pick up ornaments from when we travel, and it's so fun to trim the tree and think about where they all came from. Such a beautiful tradition!

Alison said...

This is my most favorite topic! Our tree is like yours. Sometimes I'll decorate a small tree in a theme, but our big tree is filled with our meaningful, yet eclectic, ornaments we've collected over the past 18 years. I think my ornament collection is my most prized non living possession; if anything were to happen to it, I'd be heartbroken. My husband is in the Army and has been able to travel to some great places; he always brings home an ornament, but sometimes he can't find an actual ornament, so he brings home a key chain or refrigerator magnet and I just turn it into an ornament. You can do amazing things with ribbon and a hot glue gun. Lol.

Lisa C said...

We also collect ornaments from our various travels. And, of course, we have tons of Hokie ornaments. We might have to branch out and get a Hokie tree in the next year or two.

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Love this! We have quite the eclectic tree too. Chris' family gives ornaments every year on new years eve (something that represents the past year), and Chris got ALL of his when we got married. So we have ones dating back to his infancy. Sadly my family wasn't really into Christmas, so I have no ornaments from my childhood. But we have started collecting ornaments from places we go too, and I love that 20 years from now we'll be able to tell those stories to our kids.

Jess @hellotofit said...

This will be our first tree in our own place, so we don't really have a theme/traditions, yet! I picked up a bunch of gold ornaments from Target last year during the after-Christmas sale, so I guess we're starting with a gold theme :)

Love your ornaments!