Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twelve Day of Christmas Cookies: traditional

Welcome to our Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies link up! For the next two weeks, join us every day and add your favorite cookie recipe for that day’s theme. Please follow Lisa and Lindsay and check out some new blogs! Happy baking!

My parents were both stationed in Germany with the Army for a few years before my sister and I were born, and we lived there until I was three years old. Subsequently, we have adopted several German Christmas traditions and customs that are very special parts of the holidays for us.

German gingerbread cookies, known as lebkuchen, are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I've never actually made them, but I make sure to buy some from the Commissary whenever I get a chance to go around the holidays with my mama. There are lots of brands and types, but in my head, the best ones are a very specific kind that come in a pretty blue bag, from a company called Bahlsen. Seeing those will always mean Christmas to me!

If you want to try to make your own lebkuchen, try one of these recipes:
What is your favorite traditional or ethnic cookie around the holidays??

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