Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday schmunday

Ahh, Monday, we meet again. Why do you always come so soon??

Good thing I am armed with coffee and a cute new blouse, courtesy of Tar-Jay. I shall win this battle!

We had a lovely weekend. How was yours? If you live anywhere near Boston, I suppose you were preparing for Snow-magedeon Round (uhh...) 3? I'm so sorry. I would be happy to take a little bit of the white stuff off your hands!! I've been feeling a bit gypped this winter. 

Yesterday was the complete opposite of a winter wonderland around these parts. Rather, we were faced with the first amazing, teasing spring-like day of the year! I kid you not, the weather yesterday was perfect. It's been a little weird around here lately. This is Friday morning versus yesterday afternoon: 

Uhhhh yeah. Weird. 

But I am not one to complain about pretty days, and we took full advantage! Spending the morning and afternoon with the backdoor open for some fresh air felt amazing - you never notice how stuffy it is inside with the heat pumping until you get to open the door and feel a fresh breeze. The boys loved it, too. "Look, Mom! The WORLD!" 

C and I started the day wth a little DIY action: installing under-the-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. We were lounging around yesterday morning watching TV when I noticed the lights on a show we had on, and said "don't you wish we had that?!" One trip to Lowe's and a Starbucks stop later, we had the power tools out and were making it happen.

Cashed in my birthday reward! Venti skim caramel macchiato, I love you. It's been too long.

The man in action
I adore the results. It was just what we needed! We installed plug-in LED lights under our three main kitchen cabinets, and provided a great amount of light to previously dim prep areas. It makes such a difference! This probably doesn't show the effect well enough, but it's a start.

Next on the agenda was getting outdoors: a run through the battlefields was the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine. I needed to break in my beautiful new Brooks shoes anyways, so it killed two birds with one stone run. Who woulda guessed I'd be running outdoors in a tank and capris in February?! It was lovely. Four easy miles was just what the doctor ordered.

I fully intended to make a big batch of my mom's chicken and dumplings yesterday, but I just couldn't bear to make stew when the weather was so gorgeous. Instead we opted for grilled chicken kebabs and grilled veggies, and enjoyed the most glorious "it feels like summer" dinner while watching the Grammy's. We were all tuckered out from a full day of activities. Kitten yoga, anyone?

Waking up to temps back in the 30s this morning was kind of the pits, but in so glad we got to take advantage of a beautiful day in the dead of winter. We just might survive this one after all!


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

First of all, I might have to get the deets on this project, because we've been thinking of doing this to our incredibly dark kitchen!

Second, the weather was seriously ridiculous. We took the dog out on a 45min walk (in tshirts, mind you), and literally saw at least a half dozen people grilling. Which is kind of mind boggling in February!

Aileen Metcalf said...

It sounds like you guys had a nice day!!!

Lisa C said...

The lights look great!

Sarah said...

Found your blog from Love, Fun, & football and had to comment. VA blogger here too! :) Look forward to reading more! And you're right--the weather this weekend was AWESOME!

Jenna Griffin said...

Mmm, caramel lattes are so yummy! Happy birthday!

Oh, spin class. I used to go to spin class like three times a week when I was in college. We had the best gym ever. I miss it!

Thanks for linking up!