Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Unexpected Happies

Note: thank you!! for all your comments and love on my last post about bad pet parenting - I am definitely feeling better knowing that I am not alone!

It can be hard sometimes, I think, to remember to notice the little things in life and really appreciate them for what they are. It is especially hard for me to do that when we reach the loooong days of winter, when it feels like everything is gray and dreary and like it may never be warm outside again. (Hyperbole, I know, but come ON!) It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and focus on the things that stress us out, rather than the things that bring us joy.

I've had a few moments of unexpected "happies" lately - things that were semi-insignificant, but caught me by surprise and were a little spot of happiness that would sometimes go unrecognized. There are days when you have to truly seek out the positive things, but I promise you, if you are looking, you will find them.

Standard cheesy quote.
A few examples...
  • Recently, I was telling a coworker about a book I'm reading and really enjoying, but mentioned that my library checkout was going to expire before I could finish and I was bummed because the waiting list is about 100 people long (seriously). She thought for a moment and then said, "Wait! I have that book at home!" and the very next day she brought it to me. She hasn't read it yet, but was happy to loan it to me for the time being.
  • I received a small award at work, given to me by a coworker, recognizing me for my contributions to the team. I work with some great people, and we all value each other very much, but sometimes it is nice to see some formal recognition, especially out of the blue!
  • Yesterday, my friend, Aileen, brought over some K-cups of coffee that neither she nor her husband will drink because they are too sweet. In my house, we drink just about anything (and especially love flavored coffees!), and I'd just realized that morning that we were almost out of K-cups! Her gift came with perfect timing, and I thought of her while I enjoyed my morning cup today.

I am definitely guilty of overlooking happy events like these, in favor of focusing on more stressful or more negative aspects of my life. The truth is, when I stop and think and look around, there is always something to be thankful for and to be happy about. I just have to take the time to appreciate it!

What small thing has made you happy lately? Anything goes!


Ally Skeer said...

Ah, I love "happies" - this post made me smile! Did you get a High5 award? :) I love those!

Recently (with the gross snow!) it's been hard to see the happies - and more snow tonight?! I'm trying to think of the positives, too. For example, WVU won last night and we got some solid plans down for the wedding! :)

Aileen Metcalf said...

Yay for happies and glad I could help!

Also, can I just say I really enjoyed the random Netflix discussion with strangers at the grocery store?! Sometimes I just love people's openness and kindness.

Lisa C said...

These are great! And only in Northern Virginia would a book have a waiting list of 100 people.

Kelly Lorene said...

I think it's easy for all of us to over look the little things that make us happy and focus on the things that are stressing us out / making us sad. Thank you for sharing some good things :-)