Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coffee Talk #8

Today is the worst kind of Wednesday - gray, wet, and slightly chilly. It makes the idea of doing almost anything productive fly straight out the window... or at least straight under a cozy blanket. With a hot drink. And Netflix. Hmm.... Want to join me?

  • I currently have the slightest smidge of a head cold (and so does just about everyone in my office! gross) and while searching the house for some medicine, I realized that I didn't have anything that wasn't at least a year expired... and maybe more. Oops. So I stopped at the store on my way home last night to pick up something new... and walked out with two types of cold medicine and two flavors of ice cream. Something is bound to heal me, right??
  • It was beautiful on Sunday, and I cleaned the house with the back door open and fresh air blowing in. Amazing how we can go from getting almost 6" of snow one day to having temperatures in the 60s just a few days later! I was happy to see the snow and ice melting away, and relieved to say I think we've finally moved into Spring for good... knock on wood!
  • The nice weather left me searching for my flip-flops to throw on the other day, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I think that maybe, in the midst of the great closest clean out I did a few months ago, I managed to get rid of both of my (old, nasty) pairs of Rainbows. Dumb. But probably a sign that I really did need new ones, since I couldn't determine the "older" pair from the "old" pair. Anyone know a good place to get new Rainbows? I am loyal to those flops!
  • We really need to start our taxes. Procrastination at it's finest, my friends.
  • Someone tell me what this "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" stuff is. (Did I get that right?) Why is it blowing up my social media, and why am I just now hearing about it?
  • We are in a dinner rut. We've fallen into a routine of making the same handful of recipes over and over again each week. Anyone got anything super good, super easy, and super quick? I need to find my old "30 Minute Meals" cookbook by Rachael Ray again...
  • Speaking of dinner, C offered to make something for dinner last night that would "make me feel better" since I've got this cold.... say what you will, but I picked taco salad. Hashtag comfort food. My comfort, anyway!
  • My friend, Aileen, and her husband came over last week to play Cards Against Humanity (hilarious) and hang out, and she brought a batch of her homemade Thin Mint Sandwich Cookies with her. They are so delicious, and she just posted the recipe on her blog today - so check it out!
  • The coming of Spring means the to-do list of house projects is growing exponentially. Topping the list is fixing our front porch, which was damaged a few storms ago by the wind. An entire section of the porch railing was blown clean off! We are looking a smidge red-necky right now, so I'm hoping we can get to that in one of the next few weekends. Unfortunately, it probably means replacing the entire porch railing... why do a small project when you can do a big one?
  • Two of my high school girlfriends are coming to town next weekend for some girl time, and I am beyond excited. It's been way too long since we've gotten together! I am looking forward to planning some fun things for us to do.
  • I could really use a new purse. I'm talking a good, heavy-duty, every-day bag that can go from office to home to date night. My current bag is the "How Does She Do It" by Stella and Dot in Pewter Metallic, and if they still had the same bag, I'd probably just buy it again...but it looks like they discontinued this color. It is so versatile and sturdy and amazing. What do you use to carry your life around in? Help!
Check out my previous coffee talk posts - thanks for hanging out with me for a bit!


Aileen Metcalf said...

I would like to watch "Kimmy Schmidt" too. I heard it's mostly 30 Rock people, and I love them.

Hmmm as for dinner, our go-to recipes are pulled chicken in the crockpot and tacos. What about crockpot corned beef for St. Patty's Day coming up? Or some kind of pot pie? Pot pie is my comfort food!

As always, thanks for the shout out!!! Xoxo!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Boo on head colds, but yay for ice cream and cards against humanity!! I hope you feel better soon!

I'm totally with you on the food rut thing! I have totally lost my kitchen mojo lately. My favorite quick and easy weeknight meals are usually stir fries, anything mexican or what we call in our house "pasta surprise" - aka pasta with random veggies and a protein thrown in. Maybe baked with cheese. Everything is better with cheese!

S Ganeeban said...

I love me a coffee date! Sorry about the head cold, it's been going around my office too, but it's more of a everlasting cough :( I should probably get started on my taxes too. I'm having a friend do them, so I keep forgetting to drop the paperwork off! Eeek! Thanks for the reminder! Ahh, I wish I had a porch, even if it was damaged. I dream of sitting on one with coffee and a book... xoxo, ganeeban

Em said...

The hubs and I have fallen into a dinner menu routine too...because I'm just too tired by the time I get home from work to be adventurous in the kitchen lol. And I FINALLY made an appt with my tax person to get them done...because hell if I'm doing it myself. HA.

Lisa C said...

I realize that you're not 16 or a stoner, but Journey's and Pac Sun tend to sell Rainbows. Hope you feel better!

Laura Darling said...

I hope you feel better soon! That ice cream will cure it, I'm sure! :)

blm said...

Check Saxon in Central Park for Rainbows! (If it's still there, haha)

Kimmy Schmidt is HILARIOUS--we just finished watching!