Friday, April 17, 2015

The Fog is Lifting - Friday Link-Ups

I always get into a general funk for the first two weeks of April, and you may have noticed via my lack of posting (or, let's be real, probably didn't notice). The thing is, as my brain gets heavy with sad thoughts, I feel less and less inclined to write happy, frivolous posts - it just doesn't feel true to myself. Better to sit in silence than cover it up with words I don't mean or don't care about.

Ultimately, the fog starts to lift the day after the 16th, usually. It almost always feels like a literal weight has lifted. I don't know why, but the sense of foreboding and sadness begins to dissipate as soon as that awful day is gone. Maybe it's all in my head...

Things are a little different this year, because in addition to the anniversary of April 16, we are missing my grandma and grandpa, too. This was an especially hard time for my family last year, and it's incredibly hard to believe an entire year has gone by since they both passed. We were all in such a haze of emotions last spring, it's almost like that whole part of year went by without us noticing. It's been hard to catch up.

All that said, I am still so happy about the birth of our niece last Sunday - and I'm looking forward to her being a little shining, bright spot in the years to come during what is always a very sad month for me. I am trying not to dwell on it too much, but I do think it's more than a coincidence that her birth came so closely to a few dates that I associate with so much death. The circle of life and all that, right? Thank you all so much for your sweet words on my Monday post, and your kindness yesterday, as well. It means a lot!

Today is a beautiful, brilliant day in DC, and I am hoping to get outside around lunchtime to get a little Vitamin D. The sunshine certainly does me good. I'll leave you with five thoughts for this Friday...

1 // Yesterday was taco night in our house (because tacos make me happy) and I attempted to make my mom's famous Spanish rice for the first time ever. I am thrilled to report that I was successful - and it was DELICIOUS. Winner, winner, chicken taco dinner.

2 // How gorgeous is this blouse that Kristen linked to this morning? I cannot afford such things, but dang is it pretty.

3 // We have not yet had time this spring to address the jungle that is our yard, so that is on deck for tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be sunny and 80 tomorrow - I have a date with a lawnmower and some sunscreen. Here's hoping we can tame the beast!

4 // I read this article by Kristina Anderson yesterday discussing how to honor the anniversary of a tragedy, and it really resonated with me. Everyone remembers / honors / handles it differently. There is generally no wrong way. That was reassuring to me.

5 // let's make this a two-fer and throw in a little can't live without... I present to you the best travel mug ever. This baby comes with me to work every day, carrying the liquid gold coffee that I need to be a functioning human. It is not cute, it is not pretty, but it is legit. No travel mug I've ever used before is so good at keeping hot liquid hot AND it's totally spill-proof (as long as I remember to close the top!) I once forgot my coffee at home on the counter and found it 12 hours later....... still warm. Not lying. I will never own another!

Happy Friday, friends. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Lisa C said...

I agree about the funk ending after the 16th. Yesterday was rough, as always.

Evelina said...

Glad you're feeling a little bit better :)
That mug looks awesome! Some of them say they are spill-proof but really aren't. So I really need to try this!

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

I don't think I realized just how much of a funk I was in this past week until I woke up this morning and just felt... lighter (ironic, considering my giant belly). Hopefully things can only go up from here.

Also, I love that we both apparently turn to Mexican food on bad days. Although I'm definitely sad I had to miss this famous rice!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Hugs to you. I cannot imagine the magnitude of weight April 16th will forever leave on you. Such a senseless tragedy. xoxo

Stephanie {Newlyweds:North} said...

nothing like a new baby to bring joy and laughter to a tough time! thanks for linking up! xo