Monday, May 11, 2015

A Weekend to Catch Up

I woke up this morning to weird, dense, horror-movie-style fog enveloping everything in sight... made for a rather ominous Monday morning! Let's hope that burns off and clears up - I much prefer the sunshine!

We have several busy weekends in a row coming up, so this weekend, we decided to capitalize on the opportunity to rest and relax. It was much needed! C & I both needed some time to recharge, and to catch up on things around the house that have been neglected lately.

I can tell you two little guys who definitely didn't mind the break. There were lots of snuggles!

Weekend activities included.... 

Lawn-mowing (not by me). 

Laundry (by me). 

Watching the Caps lose two games (blerg). 

Watching Foxcatcher (so, so strange). 

Burgers on the grill with my in-laws for Mother's Day, along with my favorite pasta salad and fruit salad - summer meals are the best. 

Snuggling with the cutest niece ever.  

Lunching with Aileen and her husband at Vivify (there is nothing better than eating outside on a patio rooftop in this case!). 

Making a giant batch of spaghetti sauce. 


Grocery shopping.

Nothing too crazy... but just the kind of non-memorable, memorable weekend that I like. The little nothing moments that are what truly make up our lives, right? I don't hate it.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


Andrea Nine said...

Love those simple weekends!!!! Ahh, I adore rooftop dining!! Here's hoping your week is stress free and happy!!! xo

Erin LFF said...

Sometimes you just need simple and enjoyable weekends like that :) Btw, your pasta salad recipe sounds delish- I always like trying new variations of pasta so I'm saving that for a fun summer party perhaps! :)

Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

We had tons of family time with weekend and revealed the gender of our growing bump - a sweet little girl! It was the perfect weekend!

Musings of a Girly Tomboy said...

I'm waiting until my weekend of non-memorableness is here :) Glad you were able to relax and do some fun stuff too! xoxo, ganeeban