Thursday, June 11, 2015

Doughnut Miss These

See what I did there?? Ba-dum-cha. Bad jokes all around.

I am not a huge doughnut fan (I mean, I love sugar, don't get me wrong - but as for doughnuts? I can take 'em or leave 'em). However, when I found myself in Portland last night, just a few minutes away from Voodoo Doughnut, I knew I had to make a stop. I've seen Voodoo on shows on the Travel Channel and in plenty of articles featuring the "best of Portland," so it only seemed right to check it out.

The shop was easy to find, and there was no line (probably not surprising on a Wednesday evening) but cues set up for busy weekend mornings. I was prepared with cash (thanks for the warning, Internet) but not prepared for a huge menu with limited descriptors of flavors. It's probably important to note that most of the names are rather raunchy - good for a laugh but not good for describing to your mother! I just kind of picked a few blindly and hoped for the best. The prices were great - I got three doughnuts to sample and a cup of water for $5!

The treats turned out to be delicious - I picked well, I got the famous Portland Cream (like Boston Cream), a Butterfingering (chocolate cake doughnut with Butterfinger crumbles), and a Raspberry Romeo (raspberry-jelly filled). My coworker picked up a Voodoo Bubble (bubblegum flavored! A little crazy but the color was amazing).

It was a fun, touristy experience, and a cool travel bucket-list item to check off. When in Rome Portland!

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Lisa C said...

They opened a location in Denver. I'm tempted to try it the next time I'm up there.