Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday: My Brain is Tired

My brain is struggling to get through this week. Anyone else feeling that way? I got all the way to work this morning before remembering to check and see if my laptop was in my backpack... luckily my fantastic husband knows that I'm a smidge scatterbrained and had taken care of that one for me. Whew!

That said, I am thrilled it's almost weekend:30 - time to get the party started! But first... Five for Friday, tired-brain edition.

1 // C's birthday is next Wednesday, but we are celebrating (for the first time!) tomorrow! I have surprise plans for us for the day, and I think that, for once, he actually doesn't know what to expect. He is the worst with birthday surprises, and always manages to figure it out ahead of time... I think I've got it locked in this year! I'll share next week what the activities were :)

2 // Have any of my lovely readers ordered from May Designs before? Please tell me your stories. I currently have several books / designs in my shopping cart, but can't pull the trigger. Is a $20 journal worth it? Help!

3 // Last weekend, while at my grandma's in Spokane, WA, we picked up a strawberry-rhubarb pie from a local farm. We then baked it and ate it warm with melty vanilla ice cream. That, my friends, is the stuff dreams are made of. I'm still thinking about it. Dessert is one of my love languages, and I am not even a little bit upset by that.

4 // My friend, Aileen, just lent me her copy of The Girl on the Train, so that will be the next book I read. Who's read it?? Did you think it was as great as all the hype?

5 // We have already reached the point in summer weather where I pretty much cannot stand to blow-dry and straighten my hair in the morning - the thought of all that heat makes me feel ill, plus I know that the minute I walk out the door into the humidity, all my effort goes down the drain. I've been using this mousse and this spray to embrace the semi-wave in my hair. I probably look a bit like a drowned rat most days. Sorry, not sorry.

Who has exciting weekend plans? Tell me something good! Hope you have a great rest of your day today!

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Kelsey Mann Peacock said...

That pie looks yummy! Also, I read the Girl on the Train a few weeks ago and really liked it!

Lisa C said...

Can't wait to see wait y'all did for his birthday!