Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plane life

Last week, I was on a total of six airplanes. That seems like kind of a lot for one week. (If that does not seem like a lot to you, I am not jealous of your life at all.) I am pleased to report that I only had one majorly turbulent flight, and I only had one not-so-great seatmate. Considering four of my six flights were with Southwest (cue open feeding seating frenzy), I consider this incredibly successful.

As a general reminder, it's not a great idea to be the person who falls asleep in the middle seat and can't control their body after that. Especially if it means the seatmate beside you has to scrunch into the farthest edge of their seat to avoid you resting your head on their shoulder.

Also, use a hair-tie and put your mane into a ponytail so that your seatmate doesn't also have to worry about your hair water-falling itself into their personal bubble while you doze.

On the list of good seatmates were the gentleman who was happy to lift my (very heavy) backpack into and out of the overhead bin, and the gentleman who held my coffee while I tried to figure out what to do with it while getting myself organized and buckled in. Small gestures of kindness go a long way when trapped in a flying metal tube.

Final observation from last week: having a set of terrible, misbehaving children juxtaposed with adorable, angelic children makes the first set look (and sound) that much worse. Talk about a headache.

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Lisa C said...

I use my tray table to sleep. It's always awkward when the person next to you falls asleep, and they start invading your personal space (this also happens with legs flailing about).