Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bump-date: 12 Weeks

How far along: 12 weeks

Baby’s size: a plum or an apricot, depending on the app I use. C's "dads" site says a wine cork.

Total weight gain / loss: 4.5 pounds or so... pretty impressive considering eating while traveling is generally awful

Gender: don't know yet - but scheduled our anatomy scan for August!

Maternity clothes: none yet - using the hair-tie trick on most of my work pants though

Stretch marks: haven't seen any

Sleep: still mostly the same - falling asleep early, waking up throughout the night (per usual, not pregnancy related!)

Loving: fresh fruit, air conditioning, flowy clothes that don't stick to me in this humidity

Loathing: the humidity & being hot

Missing: I guess I'd have to say alcohol - it was a long week of work travel watching everyone else chill out with a beer in the evening! None for me, thanks... I did get asked by a bartender if I was sure I was 21 last week, though - I assured her that I was, then ordered a club soda, which probably didn't help the situation!

Movement: nothing happening

Cravings: I desperately wanted a salad when I got home from the West Coast, but that may have had more to do with all the junk I ate last week than being an actual craving

Aversions: I made an entire chicken pot pie for dinner on Thursday night, and when it came time to actually eat it, I could not stomach even a single bite. It was just not happening. Delivery to the rescue for C - I went with watermelon.

Labor signs: nope

Symptoms: still generally pretty fatigued, though it seems to be improving - and hunger that comes out of no where! I go from not hungry to hangry in seconds.

Belly button: in

Wedding rings: on

Mood: good, unless I haven't had a snack! And heaven forbid I'm tired and hungry... that's not pretty. (Poor C!)

Husband: was happy for me to return home after a week on the West Coast!

Can't wait for: making the big announcement (though a lot of friends and family already know) - we will be sharing on social media within the week I think!

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