Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bump-date: 13 Weeks

How far along: 13 weeks

Baby’s size: a peach

Total weight gain / loss: 5ish pounds

Gender: unknown

Maternity clothes: after a mini-meltdown over having nothing to wear for C's birthday dinner, I gave in to some maternity shorts with a stretchy waistband... that was probably a good decision

Stretch marks: haven't seen any!

Sleep: sleeping soundly with a couple of bathroom breaks most nights

Loving: Arizona Tea Diet Arnold Palmers, workout clothes (whether I workout that day or not...), the cooler weather and intense storms we've had over the last week

Loathing: every item of clothing that I own

Missing: beer, especially while C was bottling his latest brew-batch yesterday and turned part of it into a shandy... super bummed I will not get to partake in that in a few weeks!

Movement: nadda

Cravings: I would really, really like a chocolate-banana milkshake, but have yet to find or acquire one - anyone have any suggestions??

Aversions: nothing new that I can think of

Labor signs: nothing

Symptoms: this horrible acne that is making me look like a hormonal middle-schooler... nope, just a hormonal adult - bleh

Belly button: in

Wedding rings: on

Mood: generally good!

Husband: is happy that we finally made the official announcement on social media - it's all out there now!

Can't wait for: seeing a bunch of our good friends this weekend down in Richmond and finally meeting the first baby of the group - she is already 6 months old!

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Morgan Self said...

Try the Banana Fudge milkshake from Cookout