Monday, July 27, 2015

Bump-date: 17 Weeks

A beach-themed updated - we spent the week in North Carolina with C's family for vacation, and had a wonderful time! It was just what the doctor ordered... and now I'm ready to skip August and jump straight into fall. Can we find a way to make that happen??

How far along: 17 weeks

Baby’s size: a pomegranate (or a chipmunk. Adorable!)

Gender: Patiently waiting for August 13!

Maternity clothes: yes to bottoms, not yet to tops - still getting by in loose tanks and the like

Sleep: has been excellent while on vacation - no Toby to wake me up at 3 in the morning!

Loving: peach-pear La Croix, not having to wear "real" clothes for a week, floating in the pool, naps

Loathing: my skin that has not developed a miraculous way to tan instead of burn, oppressive humidity

Missing: all the standard beach beverages - this trip is very low-key for me!

Movement: nadda

Cravings: key lime pie - saw that they made it homemade at a seafood shop in Rodanthe and bought an entire pie. Not mad for a minute about that one!

Aversions: steamed seafood - something about shrimp and crab legs just did not sound appealing in the slightest

Symptoms: nothing new

Workouts: a long walk with C, a 3-mile run, and a million trips up and down three flights of stairs in the beach house

Mood: relaxed and rejuvenated - vacation will do that to you!

Husband: is practicing for baby with his niece this week... she is 3 months old and so much fun. We have been having a great time playing with and taking care of her this week.

Can't wait for: sleeping in my own bed again ;) vacation is nice but my bed is better!

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