Friday, July 31, 2015

Five for Friday: Last Day of July!

Tomorrow is August, and that means we are THAT much closer to September and Fall! Hooray! C keeps telling me not to "wish away" these next couple of months, and I promise that I'm trying, but I am way over summer and ready for cooler weather and my favorite season. Sorry not sorry.

I was afraid this post-vacation week would drag by, but it actually went pretty quickly. Friday already, and another round of Five for Friday. Bring it on!

1. I am already seeing Fall clothing collections being released, and I get super excited before remembering, oh, right - maternity clothes. Buzz kill. Not that there are some cute things available for pregnant ladies, and not that I'm not excited for even more of an excuse to wear cozy, comfy sweaters and the like, but it's just not the same. Sigh.

2. I am desperate for a hair cut and color but trying really hard to stretch my highlights out a few more weeks. I just haven't loved my blonde as much this summer as I did last summer, and I'm ready to go back to all-over brunette, and get a couple inches taken off, too... but beauty is expensive, so I need to make the blonde wait just a little longer! Sigh again.

3. I had to get my state inspection done yesterday on my car (second to last day of the month, oops) and went to a new-to-me, family-owned shop near our house. They had me in and out in under and hour, didn't try to sell me anything other than my inspection, and actually took me into the garage to show me the one issue that the identified. How is that for a win!? I was so please. Fredericksburg friends, if you need a recommendation for an auto shop, let me know.

4. It's time for another girls' weekend! I am headed up to Philadelphia tomorrow morning for some much-needed time with my sweet girlfriends, and while there will be far less wine consumed this time (by me, anyway), I am still super excited! We have dinner reservations at a fun tapas restaurant, and I'm looking forward to catching up with the lay-dies.

5. Earlier this week, C made me a fried green tomato BLT for dinner... and it was possibly the best sandwich I've ever eaten. The man doesn't even LIKE tomatoes, but he is willing to put his hatred aside to create something delicious for me. I picked up some green tomatoes at the farmer's market before we left NC last Saturday, and he fried them up real quick with a cornmeal crust. It was ah-mazing. Those tomatoes, with a healthy schmear of mayo, crispy bacon, and fresh romaine? Perfection.

Tell me something good! Any exciting plans this weekend? How often do you get your hair cut / colored? What was the best thing you ate this week? I could probably eat five more of those BLTs and not be unhappy for a minute. Yum!

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Amanda @ A Brownie World said...

I had a fabulous BLTA yesterday - oh my goodness girl, it was to die for. Your weekend sounds so fun with the girl's time. I'm in dire need for some of that! I totally love the whole beauty is expensive....yep sure is! I stretch my highlights too lol. xo Amanda

Lisa C said...

But you do get to buy cute Hokie maternity shirts!