Monday, July 13, 2015


I spent most of the day on Saturday thinking that it was Sunday - if that isn't the best way to have a weekend, I'm not sure what is. PLUS, I managed to take two naps on Saturday (don't judge) and get a whole heck of a lot done around the house, so #winning.

Friday was a really important day: Toby's birthday!

That's right, friends - my kitten is no longer a kitten. Instead, he's a horribly obnoxious cat, who managed to lock himself into a bedroom on Saturday night and cause me to panic and also try to knock wine glasses off my wall and climb my curtains this weekend. He's lucky he's still living with us.

Friday was also fun because C and I met up with my mom, aunt, and uncle to show them around downtown Fredericksburg for a bit and enjoy dinner at one of our favorite local spots: Vivify Burger & Lounge.

We were trying to go to a new brewery that opened a few months ago, but when we got there, the wait for a table was over two hours!! That's great for them, but not so great for us. So we opted for a back-up, which probably turned out to be an even better choice. The weather wasn't unbearable, so we enjoyed out meal and drinks on the rooftop patio - my favorite! The food was delicious and the company was great. Love!

We planned to do a ton of yard work on Saturday, but we woke up to rain and puddles in the backyard.... so I did what any good wife would do and suggested a breakfast date! C and I headed to Amy's, where the special of the day was blueberry pancakes. I was one happy girl.

Mismatched coffee mugs - one of my favorite things about Amy's!

After breakfast and a nap, we got down to business in the room that we will be turning into the nursery. It's currently a beauty, with banana yellow walls and pink carpet (I cannot even) and so we have lots of work ahead of us.

Seriously.... why? :(
C worked on sanding the walls and filling holes, and I followed behind him washing walls and prepping to paint. He managed to get two walls primed on Sunday, so we made some pretty good progress unexpectedly. I'm so glad!

Saturday night we had plans to see our friends Stephanie and Chris, who are moving at the end of the month. We are going to miss the going-away party for them and some other friends while we are at the beach, so we are trying to see everyone while we still can! We headed to their house for a fish fry, and the boys fried up some delicious fish, shrimp, onion rings, and hush puppies, while I hogged the baby and snuggled as much as possible. Just practicing!

On Sunday, we tackled the yard work that got scrapped on Saturday, and I got my workout in for the day by squatting up and down (and up and down) pulling weeds and fighting some serious weed-intruders. We've had so much rain lately that the situation as gotten a LITTLE out of control. It took several hours to feel like I'd even made a dent!

After lunch, I headed out for a pedicure and to the mall - my email had been yelling at me for days that the summer candle sale was almost over. I snagged a couple good scents, and swung by Target for a few new maternity tops (I had a coupon, so it wasn't terrible).

My parents joined us for dinner last night, and we threw some chicken on the grill, which I marinated using this recipe. It's so flavorful - just a little time in the marinade does wonders for the chicken. Paired with watermelon and a Mediterranean chickpea salad, it was a delicious summer meal. My favorite!

Unfortunately, I was nursing a killer headache most of the evening (pregnancy symptoms no one warns you about...) and so I wasn't much fun once my parents were gone. A little ice cream and TV time on the couch was all I could handle before heading to bed. I was exhausted - I can't believe we had such a productive weekend in the end. Success!

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Lisa C said...

Happy birthday, Toby!!!