Wednesday, August 5, 2015

currently // august

Sunset in Rodanthe, NC - July 2015

creating // a nursery! Or at least thinking about it - we are getting to the point where we will have to start making some real decisions, at least as far as paint and flooring go.

wishlisting // a baby registry... does that count? Talk about an overwhelming process - how the heck do you know where to begin?

hoping // that everything goes perfectly during our 20-week appointment next Thursday, and we can get a clear scan to tell us the sex of the baby!

eating // um, everything. I go from not-hungry-at-all to omg-I'm-starving in seconds. Bring on the snacks!

watching // SYTYCD - my favorite summer show! I still haven't decided if I really like the Team Street vs. Team Stage format yet, and I definitely don't have a favorite dancer yet, but I am tuning in each week to see the performances and listen to the judges.

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Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

cheers to bring on the snacks! You should see my looks like a 3 year old's snack drawer. Goldfish, gummy bears, it is embarrassing!

Anne said...

Nursery - so fun! And 20-week ultrasound - even more fun! I like the site for baby product suggestions... probably somewhere they have some kind of registry checklist so you know how much of what things you need. I also found this one helpful: Good luck!