Friday, August 7, 2015

Five for Friday: Hashtag Me

This week has been painful.

Painful, you ask? Yes. Remember that pinched nerve I mentioned in my bump-date on Monday? Yeahhh, it's only gone downhill from there. I ended up at the chiropractor with an emergency appointment on Tuesday, and back again on Wednesday, for a couple intense rounds of adjustment and deep tissue massage. Not sure which hurts worse - the problems my back & shoulder, or having it fixed! My doctor informed me that my upper back is in state of "havoc" - what a word! Luckily, a full week after the initial pain started, I think that I am starting to feel a little better. I have been pretty miserable this week. Waaahhhh.

Anywho. A quick Five for Friday post for ya today - anything exciting happening in your world?? Tell me something good!

1 // Last weekend was girls' weekend, in Philadelphia this time. My two girlfriends and I spent the afternoon at a pop-up beer garden in front of the Rocky steps (San Pellegrino is refreshing but NOT the same), which I think is easily one of the coolest things about Philadelphia in the summer.

We then had an amazing dinner at Tinto. I took absolutely no pictures because it was super dark in the restaurant (maybe just poor lighting at our table? But I actually pulled out my phone to illuminate the menu better. #blindasabat). We ordered a wide array of tapas dishes, which is one of my absolute favorite ways to eat with friends. I think my favorites were the arugula salad and the Brussels sprouts. Yum! We rounded out the meal with shakes from Shake Shack - classy and fabulous. It was perfection.

2 // We have no plans this weekend for the first time in a solid month, and I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to organize and clean. Kinda sad how it gets to the point sometimes! I just get behind before I even have a chance to think about it in the summer. Sigh. #sendhelp #andacleaningcompany

3 // I've been burning a new candle this week: B&BW "Black Sands." It is delicious and a perfect reminder of our week at the beach. #takemeback (PS - just looked at the B&BW website and ALL THE FALL CANDLES ARE BACK. Yes, yes, yes. #nottooearly)

4 // With this shoulder / back issue going on, I have not been to the gym or worked out at all this week. However, I did buy a new workout top at Target on Tuesday. Does that count? #itwasonclearance #cantresistasale

5 // I had a Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad from Panera one night this week and it brought me an extreme amount of happiness. I have not been craving "fresh" food this pregnancy (#iwishionlywantedsalad #butireallyonlywanticecream) but that particular salad really hit the spot.

Have a great weekend!!

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Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

Isn't the salad so good?!? I actually pretty much love anything from Panera. Happy to find you through the linkup :)

Lisa C said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Laura said...

Just found your blog on the link-up! Pinched nerve does not sound fun, esp. while sorry! But yay for that yummy salad-- I have been enjoying that one too, here, on the last leg of my pregnancy! Happy Friday!